Darran King

Research Project Officer

Darran King is a research project officer with the Environmental Water Resources team Biodiversity Environment Knowledge and Services program CSIRO Land and Water. He came to CSIRO in 2004 and conducts research in natural resource management decisions and policy planning at local and regional scales.

His principle research interests focus on the integration of spatially explicit environmental, economic and social metrics to guide trade-off decisions for landscape, regional and, local scale natural resource decision makers. Applying key skills in GIS, python, GAMS, and biophysical modelling applications, Darran develops bespoke integrated systems models to assess the impact of external drivers on key aspects of the natural environment.

With over 12 years’ experience in geographic information systems, natural resource management and quantitative modelling design and development, Darran has undertaken research across a wide range of disciplines including; Climate change impacts, crop modelling, species modelling under climate change, biofuels and biomass under climate change, network analysis and hedonics, irrigated agriculture, Flood inundation mapping, river control infrastructure for ecological optimisation, quantitative economic optimisation models used to inform policy.

Recent Publications: