Dr Fazlul Karim

Fazlul is a hydrologist with a focus on flood inundation modelling and wetland connectivity.


Dr Fazlul Karim is a hydrologist in CSIRO Land and Water’s Managing Water Ecosystems Group and leads the floodplain hydrodynamic modelling works. Dr Karim obtained his PhD in Hydraulic Engineering form the Saitama University in Japan, post-graduate degree in Water Engineering and Management from the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand and BSc in Civil Engineering from the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology.

Dr. Karim has over 20 years of experience in the field of catchment hydrology, floodplain hydraulics, water resources assessment, sediment transport modelling, hydrological connectivity and linking hydrology and ecology. His primary research interest has been the development of a method to quantify hydrological connectivity between floodplain waterbodies using hydrodynamic modelling and remote sensing.

His current activities include:

  • modelling floodplain hydraulics and developing methods to quantify the sinks and sources of sediment and nutrient and their transport across floodplain and to the ocean,
  • using hydrodynamic modelling and remote sensing to quantify floodplain inundation under different land management and climate change scenarios,
  • modelling hydrological connectivity between floodplain wetlands and rivers and their impacts on water quality and aquatic ecology,
  • assessing how the hydrological response and connectivity of floodplain wetlands are affected by land use, land and water management and climate,
  • assessing the changes in flow regimes due to large scale coal seam gas and coal mining,
  • Water balance modelling for transboundary rivers having sparsely monitored hydro-climate data.

Dr Karim also has experiences working for rivers basins in Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Thailand. Prior to CSIRO, Dr Karim worked at the Murray-Darling Basin Authority as a hydrology modeler and at the University of Sydney as a post-doctoral researcher.

Recent Publications: