Dr Tanya Doody

Dr Tanya Doody

Senior Research Scientist

Tanya is a spatial ecohydrologist with a focus on vegetation water use which is scaled regionally with remote sensing.


Dr Tanya Doody leads the Managing Water Ecosystems Group in CSIRO Land and Water. Tanya’s core science determines the water use of forests and invasive tree species that extract water from groundwater and river systems. Her research provides water management options to natural resource managers, local industry and government bodies to protect and preserve the natural environment.


Additionally, Tanya provides integrative science linking ecological response of riparian vegetation to floodplain inundation and remote sensing to investigate outcomes of water reform policy within the Murray-Darling Basin. The research objective is to understand floodplain ecosystem function responses to environmental watering management options.

Tanya has also undertaken several studies using ecological response models to provide management solutions to water managers and works in Nepal, linking river flow and ecology within Nepalese river systems, providing leadership and capacity building for up to 20 local ecologists and local post-graduate students.


Recent publications