Tanya Doody

Tanya’s core science is to quantify water requirements and determine the water impacts of riparian native and invasive species and plantation forests across Australia, to provide vegetation and water management options to natural resource managers, local industry and government bodies.

Man squatting at small river in Nepal

Linking flow and ecology in Nepal to sustain freshwater supplies for communities. PHOTO: Tanya Doody

Tanya also provides integrative science linking ecological response of riparian vegetation to floodplain inundation and remote sensing to investigate impacts of water reform policy within the Murray-Darling Basin Plan. The aim is to understand what a range of floodplain environmental watering management options might have on vegetation ecosystem function. She has also undertaken several studies using ecological response models to provide management solutions to water managers.

Tanya also works in Nepal, linking river flow and ecology within Nepalese river systems, providing leadership and capacity building for up to 15 local ecologists and several upcoming students.