Dr Alexander Herr

Research Scientist

Alexander’s research focuses on sustainable Natural Resource Use and Management


Dr Alexander Herr integrates socio-economic and biophysical information to guide ecologically sustainable natural resource management (NRM). Alexander’s main work is currently with the multi-agency, multi-disciplinary Bioregional Assessments (https://www.bioregionalassessments.gov.au/), an Australian Government initiative to identify the future risk gas and coal developments to water resources and the environment.

He has experience in carbon modelling, bioenergy, ecology/conservation and applied wildlife management in Australia and overseas. He has experience applying livelihood and wellbeing approaches for sustainable natural resource use, which includes working with farmers and indigenous people. The main focus of his research is the integration of biophysical and socio-economic information for use in natural resource assessment and management. He has been applying spatial and statistical modelling techniques in the environmental science arena for over 20 years

Recent Publications: