Dr Jodie Pritchard

Jodie is a hydrogeochemist interested in surface water – groundwater interactions and groundwater dependent ecosystems.


Dr Jodie L Pritchard is a hydrogeologist with experience in soil science, isotope geochemistry, GIS and spatial analysis, and project management. She has applied her experience to understand surface water – groundwater interactions, salt accumulation and mobilisation processes, groundwater dependent ecosystems and has undertaken environmental response modelling to understand the potential impacts of modified watering regimes on groundwater dependent terrestrial vegetation. Her research aims to identify the occurrence of groundwater dependent ecosystems (GDEs) and to understand the surface water and groundwater interactions that support inland and coastal GDE communities.

Recent Publications

Mapping Drought-Resilient And Groundwater-Dependant Vegetation With Sentinel-1 Sar Data

P Castellazzi, J Prichard, D Stratford (July, 2023)


A river basin spatial model to quantitively advance understanding of riverine tree response dynamics to water availability and hydrological management

TM Doody, S Gao, W Vervoort, J Pritchard, M Davies, M Nolan, PL Nagler (April, 2023)


Managing groundwater in a mining region: an opportunity to compare best‐worst and referendum data

D Hatton MacDonald, JM Rose, RJ Johnston, RH Bark, J Pritchard (October, 2019)


Continental mapping of groundwater dependent ecosystems: A methodological framework to integrate diverse data and expert opinion

TM Doody, OV Barron, K Dowsley, I Emelyanova, J Fawcett, IC Overton, J Pritchard, AIJM Van Dijk, G Warren (April, 2017)


Influence of environmental water on Black Box (Eucalyptus largiflorens)

TM Doody, J Pritchard, A Llewelyn, IC Overton, KL Holland (July, 2015)

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