Martin Nolan

Experimental Scientist

Martin is a spatial data analyst focused on integrating environmental, social and economic data. 


Martin Nolan has worked across a range of areas including land use change modelling, ecosystem services assessment and water availability impacts on communities. Martin seeks to transform data into information to improve our understanding of the complex world we live in, aid decision making and help navigate a sustainable pathway to the future. His interests are in the environmental applications of spatial analysis, modelling, computer programming, high performance computing and visualisations.

Martin helped develop the Land Use Trade-Offs (LUTO) model and was instrumental in delivery of this modelling capability to CSIRO’s Australian National Outlook (ANO) Project and is currently contributing to the second ANO report. Other recent work include GIS analysis for a life-cycle study of water-use in Australia and preparation of the TERN AEKOS community plot database for macroecological analysis. Martin contributed spatial analysis and visualisations to the CSIRO Multiple Benefits of the Basin Plan Project and report for the Murray-Darling Basin Authority in the areas of ecosystem service quantification and valuation, economic benefits and data management.

Recent Publications: