Dr Danial Stratford

Dr Danial Stratford

Senior Experimental Scientist

Danial is an ecological modeller who specialises in modelling the environmental outcomes of flow regimes, with particular expertise in predictive models that explore scenarios of change.


Dr Danial Stratford is an ecologist and ecological modeler with CSIRO Environment, specialising in ecohydrology and the development of methods to understand how changes in flow regimes affects flow-ecology relationships. Since joining CSIRO in 2012, Danial has used his background in ecology and skills in statistical analysis and quantitative modelling to evaluate the outcomes of altered flow regimes on ecological systems. His work has spanned various focus areas, including quantifying the benefits of environmental water, evaluating the risks and trade-offs of water resource development, and assessing environmental vulnerability to future climates. Danial is committed to distilling complex scientific concepts and uncertainties to facilitate effective communication, with a particular emphasis on bridging the gap between scientific research and policy and management. A central component of his work is providing an evidence base to inform sustainable management of water resources.

Danial has led and collaborated on projects with an extensive range of stakeholders, partners and clients including universities; the Murray Darling Basin Authority; Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder, the Department of Climate Change, Energy the Environment and Water; Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade; and engaging with staff from state governments including NSW, QLD, NT, SA and VIC and private consultants. His work delivers strongly to issues of national significance including Sustainable Diversion Limit Adjustment Mechanisms, Northern Australia Water Resource Assessments, Constraints management, and Monitoring, Evaluation and Research projects.

Danial is presently leading the Ecology portfolio of the current Northern Australia Water Resource Assessments for the National Water Grid, the Ecological Thresholds of Change for the MDB Sustainable Yields 2 project for the MDBA, and the Ecology activity of the RAMSAR Climate Vulnerability Assessment for DCCEEW, and is senior advisor Freshwater Systems for the National Climate Risk Assessment, Natural Environments for the Australian Climate Service. Danial is CSIRO lead for the CSIRO-CDU collaboration research initiative, a $3.8M program for developing freshwater research capability in northern Australia.

Recent Publications

Dynamic habitat modelling for water-dependent species in the Murray-Darling Basin

K Mokany, D Peel, RP Reyes, SD Foster, DS Stratford, HM McGinness, BP Zampatti, S Nicol, AC Freebairn, PJ McInerney, A Sengupta (March 2024)


Linking demographic and habitat suitability modelling identifies the environmental determinants of successfully controlling invasive common carp (Cyprinus carpio) in south-eastern Australia

J Hopf, S Davis, K Graham, D Stratford, PA Durr (March, 2024)


Development of a computationally efficient floodplain ecological response model for large-scale, data-sparse riparian environments

J Teng, B Croke, D Tan, T Iwanaga, AJ Jakeman, C Pollino, D Stratford, J Vaze, W Dawes, P Bridgeman, A Sengupta (November, 2023)


Mapping Drought-Resilient And Groundwater-Dependant Vegetation With Sentinel-1 Sar Data

P Castellazzi, J Prichard, D Stratford (July 2023)


Assessment of the potential ecological outcomes of water resource development in the Roper catchment

D Stratford, L Merrin, S Linke, R Kenyon, RP Reyes, R Buckworth, R Deng, H McGinness, J Pritchard, L Seo, N Waltham (2023)

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