Dr Danial Stratford

Senior Experimental Scientist

Dr Stratford is an ecological modeller who specialises in modelling the environmental outcomes of flow regimes, with particular expertise in predictive models that explore scenarios of change.

Dr Stratford is an ecological modeller in CSIRO Land and Water’s Modelling Water Ecosystems Team who specialises in modelling environmental outcomes from changes in flow regimes. Danial’s interest is in providing integrative methods to support the management of Australia’s inland waters and improving the understanding of how ecology may respond to change. His work is focused improving our conceptual understanding of system processes and asking ‘what if’ questions through scenario analysis. Danial’s work combines his field ecology background and quantitative modelling to deliver innovative science to understand spatio-temporal change. Danial delivers research with a strategic management focus that distils complexity and uncertainty to bridge science and management to address real-world problems.

Danial has been with CSIRO since 2012 and during this time has provided research in a broad range of contexts both nationally and internationally from optimising environmental flows, guiding water recovery in the Murray-Darling Basin, food and water security in developing nations, and assessing water resource development in northern Australia. He is currently leading the Ecology team in CSIRO’s northern Australia Water Resource Assessment portfolio and the Cross-Cutting Modelling Theme in the CEWO’s Flow-MER program. He is also leading areas of research in other projects including fish connectivity modelling in the Murray-Darling Basin Ecosystems Functions project.