NATA accreditation now extended for ACP cladding identification.

September 6th, 2018

CSIRO Infrastructure Technologies labs hold some of the longest standing NATA accreditation in Australia. Following a rigorous assessment the Melbourne laboratory accreditation scope was recently extended to include a method for Aluminium composite core (ACP) identification. The new accreditation is for the Ashing method, when used in conjunction with XRay Diffraction (XRD), gives accurate quantification of ACP core mineral fire retardant content  for classification of risk and fire performance for external wall cladding.

Alex Webb, Group Leader of the Victorian , said: “This additional NATA accreditation gives our customers confidence that our knowledge of the test methods, staff skills and quality assurance systems is of the highest technically and professional standard. The CSIRO laboratories in Melbourne and Sydney is at the forefront of  the sector and we are committed to the provision of the exceptional service for our customers. The building industry is in need of independent testing and advice to provide confidence and clarity. CSIRO are here to fulfil that need.” Contact