Test Methods and Contacts

CSIRO tests to a range of Australian and international measurement standards in the field of acoustics. Some of these standards are listed below but the list is not comprehensive. Please contact one of CSIRO Acoustics experienced testing engineers to help address which test methods best suit your testing needs.



Area of application

Measurement Environment

AS 1191-2002    Acoustics-Method for Laboratory Measurement of Airborne Sound Insulation of Building Elements Acoustic Testing – airborne sound Reverberation chamber(s)
ISO 140-6:1998     Acoustics – Measurement of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements – Part 6: Laboratory measurements of impact sound insulation of floors. Acoustic Testing – impact sound Reverberation chamber(s)
AS ISO 354-2006   Measurement of Sound Absorption in a Reverberation Chamber. Acoustic Testing – sound absorption Reverberation chamber
AS/NZS 1935.1:1998     Acoustics – Determination of sound absorption coefficient and impedance tubes Part 1: Method using standing wave ratio. Acoustic Testing – sound absorption Reverberation chamber(s)

With the following test methods also soon to be offered:


AS 1217.2 – 1985     Acoustics – Determination of sound power levels of noise sources. Part 2 – Precision methods for broad-band sources in reverberation rooms. Acoustic Testing – sound power Reverberation chamber(s)
ASTM C 522‑87 (R1997)   Standard Test Method for Airflow Resistance of Acoustical Materials. Acoustic Testing – sound absorption, airflow resistance Laboratory
ASTM E 756-98    Standard Test Method for Measuring Vibration Damping Properties of Materials. Acoustic Testing – vibration damping Laboratory / Climatic chamber

CSIRO Acoustics Testing and Technical contacts:

David Truett – e-mail: david.truett@csiro.au; phone: +61 3 9545-2577
John Watson – e-mail: john.l.watson@csiro.au; phone: +61 3 9518-5921