Fire tests for flooring materials

September 17th, 2018

Flooring Test to AS ISO 9239.1:2003 (R 2016)

CSIRO offer flooring tests to AS ISO 9239.1:2003 (R 2016) ‘Reaction to fire tests for floorings Part 1: Determination of the burning behaviour using a radiant heat source‘. This determines the critical radiant flux and smoke development rate of the product. The results can be used to determine if the product meets NCC 2016 BCA Vol. 1 Specification C1.10 ‘Fire Hazard Properties’ specifications.

ISO 9329.1 Flooring test

The flooring test involves exposing the flooring specimen to a radiant heat source and igniting it using a pilot flame. Observation of how far the flame travels across the specimen till flame extinguishment allows determination of critical radiant flux and smoke development rate.

Product / Materials

The standard is applicable for “all types of flooring e.g. textile carpet, cork, wood, rubber and plastics coverings as well as coatings.”

Sample preparation for testing:

The sample requirements for ISO 9239 Part 1:2003 are six (6) samples, each measuring 1050 mm long x 230 mm wide. Samples shall be supplied with all relevant backings including any adhesives if applicable (e.g. if a carpet is to be installed over an underlay on a timber floor, the samples should be supplied with its underlay and timber floor backing).