Coatings and Material Durability

We offer expertise in polymer degradation and stabilisation mechanisms and understands the complex degrading effects of heat, light, moisture and stress. We can assess the influence of weathering on plastics durability, in particular the effect of ultraviolet radiation, and synergistic effects between ultraviolet radiation, heat and moisture.

Accelerated weathering is used:

• In conjunction with outdoor weathering for long-term product development research
• To compare the durability of different products or formulations
• To test products to existing Standards.

Expertise is offered in the following fields:

– Degradation and stabilisation mechanisms
– Accelerated and natural weathering
– Property prediction by modelling
– Instrumental analysis
– Mechanical and physical assessment.

The Coatings group can provide an independent, multidisciplinary consultancy on all facets of coating technology. Its services are accredited by
the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) and comply with all its requirements for chemical laboratories.

NATA-endorsed reports can be issued for many tests. The laboratory is  accredited to ISO 17025.

The Coatings group can assist with:

• Specification preparation – extensive knowledge of coating products and their performance, the various Australian Standards and the Australian Paint Approval Scheme (APAS) specifications allows CSIRO’s Coatings group to prepare accurate and independent specifications for a range of purposes.
• Application monitoring – CSIRO’s coating technologists will ensure that all aspects of the specification are complied with, including correct product application, proper surface penetration and correct film builds.
• Complaint investigation – CSIRO can thoroughly investigate all coating-related complaints and provide expert witnesses, report preparation and
dispute resolution to a coating problem.

Testing Services

Our testing services include:

  • Salt spray testing to ASTM B117
  • Full range of cyclic corrosion tests
  • Infra-red identification of paints
  • Exposure testing in a wide variety of environments
  • A full range of AS 1580 test methods
  • A full range of natural and accelerated testing procedures.


A major factor affecting the durability of plastics is weathering, particularly ultraviolet radiation and synergistic effects between ultraviolet radiation, heat and moisture. Accelerated weathering is used:

  • In conjunction with outdoor weathering for long-term product development research.
  • To compare the durability of different products or formulations.
  • To test products to existing standards.


The team has expertise in:

  • Degradation and stabilisation mechanisms.
  • Accelerated and natural weathering.
  • Property prediction by modelling.
  • Instrumental analysis
  • Mechanical and physical assessment.