Sumitomo Gladstone Green Hydrogen Project

January 3rd, 2024

Sumitomo Gladstone Green Hydrogen Project

The project proponent is undertaking a feasibility study for a large-scale renewables-based hydrogen production plant at Gladstone, Queensland, targeting delivery to nearby industrial users for process heating purposes.

Main proponents:

Sumitomo Corporation

Main end-use classification:

Industrial process – refining (replacement of heat)


Under development – feasibility study

Estimated cost:


Other involvement:


Production details:

200,000 tonnes per annum hydrogen production capacity under study


Queensland, Australia

Announced funding:


Project description

Following the final investment decision on the Sumitomo Green Hydrogen Production and Rio Tinto Decarbonisation Pilot Project, in September 2023, Sumitomo launched a study seeking to develop 200,000 tonnes per annum of renewables-based hydrogen production for delivery to Rio Tinto’s alumina refinery operations in Gladstone, Yarwun, and Queensland Alumina Limited (QAL), and/or other domestic parties with potential consideration for future export capability.

The hydrogen will be produced via electrolysis of renewable electricity and water.

The project has commenced a feasibility study of commercial and technical aspects. Aurecon were awarded the contract to undertake the feasibility study. The feasibility study will explore technical aspects related to power, production, and water, commercial aspects, and seek to progress the approvals process for the project.

Sumitomo and Rio Tinto Aluminium have executed a Memorandum of Understanding agreement to collaborate on the feasibility study, including analysis of hydrogen demand profiles.

The Sumitomo Gladstone Green Hydrogen Project is the commercialisation phase of the Sumitomo Green Hydrogen Production and Rio Tinto Decarbonisation Pilot Project, with a final third phase targeting delivery of further hydrogen production for the export market.


Reviewed: March 2024