Hydrogen Portland Project

May 4th, 2023

Hydrogen Portland Project

This project involves a wind farm and hydrogen plant development near the Port of Portland with the initial focus on domestic supply as Stage 1 to be followed by export markets in Stage 2.

Main proponents:

Countrywide Hydrogen Pty Ltd

Main end-use classification:

Stage 1: domestic supply
Stage 2: export penetration



Under development

Estimated cost:


Other involvement:


Production details:

Hydrogen production – 800 tonnes per annum initially


Victoria, Australia

Announced funding:


Project description

The project proponent plans to source locally generated wind power close to the Port of Portland in Victoria. A five (5) MW electrolyser would produce hydrogen gas, which would supply domestic demand in mobility and natural gas blending.  Domestic green fertiliser production is also under consideration along with expanding the project in later years to supply the export markets in North Asia.

Discussions are under way to decarbonise industry where possible with hydrogen either directly or blended with natural gas. The offtake target markets are located from South Australia’s Limestone Coast to Warrnambool.


Updated:  May 2023