Hydrogen Mobility Project

October 25th, 2022

Hydrogen Mobility Project

Aurizon is to trial up to four hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks in its fleet, including installation of a hydrogen refuelling station in Townsville, Queensland.

Main proponents:


Main end-use classification:

Hydrogen mobility


Under development

Estimated cost:


Other involvement:

Ark Energy – SunHQ Hydrogen Hub Project


Production details:

Hydrogen consumption by prime mover vehicles under evaluation


Queensland, Australia

Announced funding:

Up to AUD$5 million – Queensland Government Hydrogen Industry Development Fund (Round Two grant)

Project description

Aurizon, a large Australian rail freight company, plans to use four hydrogen-powered prime mover vehicles to move goods in and around its freight operations at the Stuart Freight Terminal and the Port of Townsville. The project also includes the installation of a hydrogen refuelling station suitable for heavy vehicles.

Renewables-based hydrogen would be purchased from the Ark Energy operated SunHQ Hydrogen Hub project in Townsville via a commercial agreement and transported from point of production to the hydrogen refuelling station via a hydrogen tube trailer.

In September 2022, the Hydrogen Mobility Project received a grant of up to AUD$5 million under Round Two of the Queensland Government Hydrogen Industry Development Fund.


Reviewed: December 2023