HIF Carbon Neutral eFuels Manufacturing Facility

July 6th, 2023

 HIF Carbon Neutral eFuels Manufacturing Facility

The project proponent is developing a Synthetic eFuels production facility to be located near the town of Burnie in Tasmania.

Main proponents:

HIF Global

Main end-use classification: 

Synthetic eFuels (methanol-based)


Under development – a Notice of Intent seeking development approval for the facility has been lodged with the Tasmanian Environment Protection Authority

Estimated cost:

AUD$1 billion at full scale – based on press reports

Other involvement:


Production details:

To be based on planned electrolyser capacity of 250 megawatt (MW) when fully operational


Tasmania, Australia

Announced funding:


Project description

In July 2022, it was announced that HIF Asia Pacific, a wholly owned subsidiary of HIF Global, had filed a Notice of Intent with the Tasmanian Environment Protection Authority to begin the approval process for the development of a large-scale Synthetic eFuels facility, planned to be constructed around 30 kilometres south of Burnie in Tasmania.

The plant at full-scale would include 250 MW electrolyser capacity to produce hydrogen using renewable energy sources. The produced hydrogen, when combined with CO2 taken from plantation biomass, would produce synthetic methanol, that with further processing would produce (specialised) fuels for various mobility uses.

At full capacity, the facility could be expected to produce up to 100 million litres of carbon neutral eFuels per annum (equivalent to around 260,000 tonnes of avoided CO2 emissions per annum).

The proponent is targeting construction start in 2025 with operations following in 2027.

The planned facility design would build on the Haru Oni eFuels Plant under development by HIF Global in Chile.


Updated: July 2023