Green Hydrogen and Battery Energy Storage System

November 16th, 2023

Green Hydrogen and Battery Energy Storage System

This project consists of a demonstrator scale hydrogen production and battery storage system located at Bolivar (an outer Northern suburb of Adelaide, South Australia) and includes the demonstration transport of hydrogen by metal hydride tank and utilisation in Indonesia.

Main proponents:

Marubeni Corporation

Main end-use classification:

Export potential


Under construction – facilities are expected to be operational by January 2024

Estimated cost:

AUD$12.5 million

Other involvement:


Production details:

Hydrogen production up to 40 kilograms per day capacity (based on a 150- kW electrolyser)



South Australia, Australia

Announced funding:

Project cost is to be shared between Japan’s Ministry of the Environment and Marubeni Corporation

Project description

Marubeni Corporation is undertaking a demonstrator scale hydrogen production and battery storage system project located at Bolivar, an outer Northern suburb of Adelaide in South Australia.  The project consists of a 150-kilowatt PEM electrolyser and a five-megawatt battery energy storage system.

Grid-based renewable energy would power the hydrogen production facilities. An important utilisation aspect of the produced hydrogen would be its transport in a metal hydride container to Indonesia for use in fuel cell applications.

Construction on the project began in February 2023. It is expected that the facilities will be operational by January 2024. The first shipment of hydrogen to Indonesia is planned by the first quarter of 2024.

The Bolivar site, owned by SA Water, provides potential for the project to be expanded dependent on future demand for hydrogen.

The capital cost of the project is to be equally shared between the Japanese Government and Marubeni Corporation.


Uploaded: November 2023