Gibson Island Green Hydrogen and Ammonia Project

March 22nd, 2024

Gibson Island Green Hydrogen and Ammonia Project

The project proponents are undertaking a FEED study to progress the development of a large-scale renewables-based hydrogen and ammonia production facility to be located at Gibson Island in Brisbane, Queensland.

Main proponents:

Fortescue, Incitec Pivot Ltd


Main end-use classification:

Industrial process – ammonia production


Under development – project has entered the FEED study phase

Estimated cost:

AUD$38 million (FEED study)


Other involvement:


Production details:

Up to 70,000 tonnes per annum of hydrogen production under evaluation


Queensland, Australia

Announced funding:

AUD$13.7 million – Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)


Project description

The Incitec Pivot Gibson Island site in Brisbane became operational in 1969 and primarily manufactured nitrogen-based fertiliser products, including ammonia, urea, ammonium sulphate and carbon dioxide using natural gas as the principal site feedstock. Gibson Island despatched approximately 550,000 tonnes of fertilisers each year. Incitec Pivot ceased manufacturing from natural gas early in 2023.

The project proponents undertook a feasibility study in 2021 to assess whether industrial scale manufacturing of renewables-based ammonia production at Gibson Island was technically and commercially feasible on an existing brownfield site. Preliminary results from the feasibility study indicated the project was found to be technically feasible.

The project proponents are undertaking to a Front-end Engineering and Design (FEED) study phase to progress the project. The FEED study would refine cost, schedule, permitting and commercial agreements, and inform a potential final investment decision. The FEED phase is anticipated to cost around AUD$38 million.

The proposed project involves the development of a renewables-based Hydrogen Production Facility (with Fortescue responsible for power transmission, water and hydrogen production) with the produced hydrogen fed into a refurbished/upgraded Incitec Pivot ammonia production facility (with the downstream facilities, including the production of ammonia, to be designed, constructed and managed by Incitec Pivot).

While the hydrogen production facility and the (upgraded) ammonia production facility would operate in tandem, they are to be developed on separate lots and would be subject to separate development and environmental applications.

The proposed project (and subject of the FEED study) involves the deployment of 550 megawatt (MW) of electrolysis capacity, capable of producing up to 70,000 tonnes per annum of renewables-based hydrogen as well as studying the conversion of the existing Gibson Island ammonia synthesis plant to utilise 100% renewables-based hydrogen for the production and offtake of 400,000 tonnes per annum of ammonia

In October 2022, ARENA announced an award of AUD$$13.66 million in funding to Fortescue Future Industries, in partnership with Incitec Pivot, to support the FEED study.

The Project would be connected to Powerlink’s High Voltage (HV) transmission network and would secure power via a number of Power Purchase Agreements with wind and solar generation assets. Construction of a new 1.6 kilometre, 275kV overhead transmission line and substation at Gibson Island is required to provide power for the hydrogen facility. The construction, ownership and operation of the new line would rest with Queensland’s transmission network service provider, Powerlink.

Water for the project would be supplied by a mix of potable and purified recycled sources. The project is aiming to be fully supplied with recycled water.

This description is based on the following publicly available materials:

The above noted Q4 2023 information sheet indicates commercial operation is slated for late 2026.


Updated: March 2024