George Town Project

December 5th, 2023

George Town Project

The proponent is progressing development of a project located in George Town, Tasmania, to produce renewables-based hydrogen targeted to replace diesel in various mobility applications.

Main proponents:

LINE Hydrogen

Main end-use classification:

Mobility applications targeted


Under development

Estimated cost:


Other involvement:


Production details:

7.6 MW hydrogen production facility planned over two stages, capacity to produce up to 1,241 tonnes of hydrogen per annum


Tasmania, Australia

Announced funding:

AUD$5.5 million – Federal Government funding support (October 2022, 2022-23 federal budget release)

Project description

In May 2022, an award of funding to LINE Hydrogen was announced, and confirmed in the October 2022 2022-23 federal budget, to help kick-start its project that would use co-located solar panels to produce renewables-based hydrogen to replace diesel in Tasmania’s heavy haulage, light vehicle fleets, and mobile power providers. The project is located at George Town in north-east Tasmania.

In June 2023, the project proponent announced that the George Town Council had approved the project proposal Development Application. This follows submittal of an Environmental Assessment Report for the project in early June 2023 which has now been accepted.

The project proposal involves the construction and operation of a 7.6 MW hydrogen production facility over two stages: Stage 1A involves construction of a 3.8 MW electrolyser, with Stage 1B adding a second 3.8 MW electrolyser.

The facility would be capable of producing up to 1.7 tonnes of hydrogen per day for Stage 1A, increasing to up to 3.4 tonnes of hydrogen per day for Stage 1B (equivalent to 1,241 tonnes per year of renewables-based hydrogen).

The Environmental Assessment Report notes the facility would be co-located with the 8.5 MW Bell Bay Solar Farm, presently under construction, which would be the predominant source of power. The Report also notes the project proponent is progressing grid connection to provide grid firming power and is in discussions in relation to wind power access.

LINE hydrogen is also researching a hydrogen heavy vehicles project, to be operated through a combination of direct leasing to transport companies or directly under heavy haulage and transport contracts, intended to operate in conjunction with the commissioning of the George Town Project.


Updated: December 2023