Badgingarra Renewable Hydrogen Project (Archived)

April 22nd, 2023

Badgingarra Renewable Hydrogen Project

Hydrogen production facilities would be co-located with wind and solar farms north of Perth, with the produced hydrogen able to be used in a range of end uses.

Main proponents:

APA Group

Main end-use classification:

Hydrogen mobility, power and industrial applications under evaluation



Estimated cost:


Other involvement:


Production details:



Western Australia, Australia

Announced funding:



Project description

The main purpose of the project would be to use renewable power to produce hydrogen that can be used in power generation, transport and industrial applications.

The project facilities for hydrogen production would be located at the APA owned (and co-located) Badgingarra Wind Farm and Badgingarra Solar Farm, approximately 180 kilometres north of Perth, Western Australia.

The project would also offer the longer term opportunity for pipeline delivery of hydrogen to the Perth region.

Reviewed: July 2021