Arrowsmith Hydrogen Project – HP1

January 3rd, 2024

Arrowsmith Hydrogen Project – HP1

A renewable hydrogen production facility is planned to be built in stages at Arrowsmith, near Dongara, in Western Australia with a focus on supplying hydrogen for mobility purposes, with power use options also under examination.

Main proponents:

Infinite Green Energy Ltd

Main end-use classification:

Hydrogen mobility targeting heavy haul vehicles


Under development – HP1 is focussed on domestic Australia markets with production anticipated to commence in late 2026

Estimated cost:


Other involvement:


Production details:

23 tonnes per day hydrogen production capacity – Stage I, with expansion up to 42 tonnes per day capacity in its current design – Stage II


Western Australia, Australia

Announced funding:


Project description

The Arrowsmith Hydrogen Project – HP1, being developed by Infinite Green Energy, in its current design would have capacity to produce up to 42 tonnes (42,000 kilograms) per day of renewables-based hydrogen to supply domestic Australian markets. The plant would be located in Arrowsmith, approximately 30 kilometres south of Dongara in Western Australia (or approximately 290 kilometres north of Perth).

The project proponent submitted its environmental impact assessment to the Western Australia Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) for the HP1 project in mid-October 2023. Key features of the Referral include:

  • solar farm (minimum 65 MW to maximum 108 MW generation capacity)
  • wind turbines (minimum 130 MW of wind turbines expanding to 216 MW of generation capacity)
  • water supply (groundwater)
  • processing plant output (maximum production extent 23 tonnes per day to 42 tonnes per day)
  • storage and offloading (15 MW battery storage)

Once commissioned, the plant would produce liquified compressed hydrogen utilising site ground water with the final product transported via hydrogen fuelled road tankers to end users.

The project proponent has recently updated its site layout, including repositioning of some wind turbines, and is also updating the Heritage report. The EPA has given the proponent approval to resubmit its application for next stage approvals. The proponent is also finalising its development & buildings approvals.

At a hydrogen production of around 23 tonnes per day, the project would displace approximately 116,00 tonnes of CO2 annually; at a production level of around 42 tonnes per day of hydrogen, the project would displace approximately 203,0000 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

The project is expected to come online in late 2026 and would serve the domestic Western Australian energy and transport markets. The proponent is in discussions with trucking OEM’s to deliver trucks for its domestic business.

The Front-End Engineering and Design (FEED) study was undertaken by Petrofac and completed in mid-2021. The Arrowsmith facility includes a 100 MW Alkaline electrolyser facility and options for a 40 tonne per day liquefaction system.

The proponent has executed a non-binding MOU for a 20-years offtake agreement with 2 x 5-year extensions for 100% of the project’s hydrogen production. The hydrogen will be delivered in liquid form to existing roadhouse infrastructure (which supports vehicles travelling from Perth to regional Western Australia, including the Pilbara area) and new locations being developed. The off-take quantity would ramp up to full (Stage I) production over an anticipated 12-month period.

The project proponent is in the final stages of discussions in finalising strategic partners for the Arrowsmith development: final Term Sheets are out, and the project proponent is looking to announce strategic partners for Arrowsmith development, including its expansion to 2.5 GW of renewable energy in H1 2024.

The project proponent has advised that the project has obtained Lead Agency status from the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation.


Reviewed: December 2023