Dr Samuel Andrew

Sam’s research will be exploring how Australian plants tolerate temperature stress.

Dr Samuel Andrew’s Postdoctoral Fellowship as part of the Environomics FSP and the Environmental Futures team aims to explore how genomic and phenotypic variation can be used to explain the range of climates plant species occupy. His project is Estimating the adaptive capacity of plant species with transcriptome and phenotypic traits.

The ability to identify species that are near their temperature limits will mean targeted and proactive conservation management can help to protect these vulnerable species. The project will use transcriptomics to quantify genomic variation and the response of plants to extreme weather events.

Dr Andrew received his PhD from Macquarie University where he used population genetics and evolutionary genomics to study the introduction of the house sparrow to Australia and how this highly successful climate generalist, has adapted to novel Australian environments. After finishing his PhD he travelled to the University of Helsinki in Finland on an Endeavour Fellowship. There he was part of Craig Primmer’s group and contributed to a large project studying maturation timing in Atlantic salmon.

Profile: https://people.csiro.au/a/s/sam-andrew