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Our research team

Dr Olly Berry
Leader, Environomics Future Science Platform

Olly leads CSIRO’s Environomics Future Science Platform. Environomics FSP focuses on the rich interface between genomics and environmental science, and its mission is to develop better scientific tools to support natural resource management in Australia and elsewhere.

Oliver Berry is an applied ecologist and molecular biologist. He has extensive experience in population genomics, spatial ecology, conservation genetics, environmental DNA analysis, and invasive species management.


Dr Andreas Zwick

Project Lead: Mobilising collections through genomics

Andreas joined CSIRO in 2014, taking on his current research position as research team leader of the Phylogenomics Team at the Australian National Insect Collection (ANIC). In this role he runs the ANIC’s molecular laboratory, overseas the research in the Lepidoptera collection and leads the Environomics Future Science Platform project “Mobilising collections through genomics”.


Dr Sarah Mathews

Project Lead: Rapid assessment of environmental stress for major Australian plant groups

Sarah combines phylogenetics, molecular evolution, and genomics to understand plant speciation and adaptation. In July 2014, she moved to the Australian National Herbarium in CSIRO, where she is using genomic approaches to understand and characterise Australia’s biodiversity.


Dr Clare Holleley

Project Lead: Understanding stress in Australia’s animals and plants

Clare is a Research Scientist at the Australian National Wildlife Collection, within National Research Collections Australia CSIRO. Her research is on sex chromosome genomics and molecular ecology. She has published 28 refereed scientific papers, including cover articles in the journals Nature, Nature Genetics and GigaScience. She received the 2014 ACT Young Tall Poppy Award for research excellence, public engagement and scientific leadership in Australia.


Dr Francisco Encinas-Viso
Project Lead: Mapping pollinator networks

Francisco is a research scientist with the Australian National Herbarium and Centre of Australian National Biodiversity Research at CSIRO. His main research areas are: eco-evolutionary modeling, pollination ecology, conservation genetics, spatial ecology and theoretical ecology. Francisco is very involved in the development of software tools for conservation ecology and biodiversity research.


Dr Annette McGrath

Project Lead: Bioinformatics for Environomics

Annette is a Principal Research Scientist and Team Leader in life science informatics in CSIRO Data61 with interests in the application of ‘omics technologies and big data and with a passion for bioinformatics education and training.


Mr Michael Hope
Project Lead: Online species maps from environmental DNA

Michael joined the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) in 2014 to focus on biodiversity data management and projects involving the collections communities (such as eFlora of Australia). His current work involves guiding the ALA into new areas such as genomic and trait based data. This involves working with ALA partners and stakeholders both nationally and internationally (including collection institutions, ABRS, BioPlatforms Australia, TraitBank and GBIF) to understand the data, and with end users to understand their requirements, to ultimately enhance ALA’s digital infrastructure.

Michael has worked in CSIRO for over 25 years, supporting scientists and science research across a broad range of CSIRO-wide IT projects. He has a biological sciences degree and is passionate about the environment.