Cutting-edge Symposium on Molecular Sensing of Biological Environments

Molecular Sensing of Biological Environments

Cutting Edge Symposium

Timing: 9am – 5pm, October 2 & 3 2018

Venue: CSIRO Hobart Auditorium, Castray Esplanade, Battery Point, Tasmania

Symposium Objective

Many aspects of disease diagnosis, biosecurity and environmental science rely on exploiting the nucleotide building-blocks that encode the identity and function of biological cells. The technologies for diagnosis and sensing that are employed by these disparate disciplines are diverse and expanding, but often developed in isolation. We believe that by promoting cross-disciplinary scientific collaboration we can accelerate the technical development and uptake of molecular sensing technologies for biological science.

The significance of this symposium is its uniquely broad, cross-disciplinary nature. Its focus will be to inspire and foster collaborations, delivering the new inventions and creative modifications of existing technologies that will provide significant social, environmental and economic impact.


A pdf copy of the program that  includes abstracts and profiles of our keynote presenters can be downloaded here (1 Mb). A more compact hard copy version will be available at registration.


Set alongside the beautiful Derwent estuary and below the spectacular Mount Wellington – Two days of presentations, discussion and networking sessions given by global and national leaders, as well as early career researchers, from four main themes: environment, technology, biomedical, and biosecurity & forensics.


  • Establish a collaboration-hub for promoting cross-disciplinary cooperation in detection science, providing a pathway that links researchers across disciplines, institutions, and nations.
  • Inspire and foster future collaboration, interdisciplinary cohesion, and career paths for early career researchers.
  • Synthesize a review that emphasizes the potential of this cross-disciplinary approach


Limited places are available here.


Organising Committee

• Olly Berry (Environomics Future Science Platform)

• Cindy Bessey (Oceans & Atmosphere)

• Lev Bodrossey (Oceans & Atmosphere)

• Pascal Craw (Oceans & Atmosphere)

• Kim Fung (Health & Biosecurity)

• Simon Jarman (Environomics FSP/Curtin University)

• Cameron Stewart (Health & Biosecurity)

• Jason Ross (Health & Biosecurity)

• Sarah Mathews (National Collections & Marine Infrastructure)

• Brano Kusy (Data61, AIM FSP)


For further information, please contact:

Alex Bouma |