Our people

Our people are located in different cities including Canberra, Perth, Hobart and Brisbane but there are many opportunities for staff to get together during workshops and field work.

Seven people standing together with Kosciusko National Park mountains as the background.

Some of the pollinators project team on fieldwork in the Kosciusko National Park. L-R Bryan Lessard, Claudia Schipp (student), Juanita Rodriguez, Andreas Zwick, Francisco Encinas-Viso, Emma Goodwin (student), Alexander Schmidt-Lebuhn.

five people standing near the water's edge in a boat harbour in Perth, Western Australia

Environomics FSP Researchers based in Perth. L-R Jess Bovill (visiting from the Pollinators project in Canberra), Haylea Miller (eCells project), Simon Jarman (eCells, eDNA, and DNA ageing project), Ben Mayne (DNA ageing project), front Cindy Bessey (eDNA project).