Environomics Science Showcase

Canberra, Monday July 29th, 2019

University House – Australian National University

A pdf copy of the full programme can be downloaded here: Environomics 2019 Monday Programme_External

Programme – Monday

12pm – 5pm; Location: Great Hall, ANU University House

Time Topic Speaker
12-1 pm Arrival Lunch Please join us for lunch prior to the commencement of the meeting
1 pm Welcome address Dr Linda Broadhurst, Dr Andrew Young, Dr Oliver Berry
1.15 pm Lightning 1 Novel methods for monitoring of plant-pollinator interactions Dr Liz Milla
1.20 pm Lightning 2 Rapid epigenetic age estimation for animals Dr Benjamin Mayne
1.25 pm Lightning 3 A paper platform for nucleic acid detection in the field Dr Andy Bachler
1.30 pm Q & A
1.40 pm Lightning 4 Maximising tropical fish biodiversity detection with eDNA metabarcoding Dr Cindy Bessey
1.45 pm Lightning 5 Unravelling diets and food webs: a place for eDNA analysis Dr Gavin Rees
1.50 pm Lightning 6 eDNA in the Atlas of Living Australia Michael Hope
1.55 pm Q & A
2.05 pm Lightning 7 Strategy for Culture of Uncultivated Subsurface Microorganisms Dr Xiao Deng
2.10 pm Lightning 8 Improving Seagrass Survival using Microorganisms Dr Flavia Tarquinio
2.15 pm Lightning 9 Understanding microbial diversity and function to better support environmental management Dr Kristen Karsh & Dr Eric Raes
2.20 pm Q & A
2.30 pm Afternoon Tea  
3:00 pm Lightning 10 eDNA for temperate fish biodiversity knowledge Dr Sharon Appleyard
3.05 pm Lightning 11 Can metabarcoding provide estimates of species’ relative abundance? Dr Elise Furlan
3.10 pm Lightning 12 eCells: Developing novel ways to estimate animal abundance Dr Haylea Miller
3.15 pm Q & A
3.25 pm Lightning 13 Visualising and communicating genome-led biodiversity discovery in Australia Dr Renee Catullo
3.30 pm Lightning 14 Mining the uncharacterised reads in eDNA data Dr Xin-Yi Chua
3.35 pm Lightning 15 Bioinformatics for Environomics Dr Annette McGrath
3.40 pm Q & A
3.50 pm Lightning 16 Estimating the thermal limits of plants with help from traits of the transcriptome Dr Sam Andrew
3.55 pm Lightning 17 Mapping pollination networks: the use of genomics in the study of plant-pollinator interactions Dr Francisco Encinas-Viso
4:00 pm Lightning 18 Mobile species identification Dr Luana S.F. Lins
4.05 pm Q & A
4:15 pm Lightning 19 Mobilising collections through genomics Dr Andreas Zwick
4:20 pm Lightning 20 Genetic drift in living collections Dr Anusuya Willis
4:25 pm Q & A  
4:35 pm Lightning 21 The CSIRO Fish Collection and degraded DNA Dr Sharon Appleyard
4:40 pm Lightning 22 Museum epigenomics: can natural history collections reveal temporal changes gene expression? Dr Clare Holleley
4:45 pm Q & A  
4:55 pm Networking drinks and nibbles in the Foyer
6.00 pm Plenary by Professor Matt Trau (University of Queensland)
6:45 pm Find a seat for dinner  
7:00 pm Dinner service