eDNA roadmap

A guide for marine resource managers and researchers to use environmental DNA (eDNA), a new technology, to manage sustainable use and conservation in Australian marine parks.

CSIRO’s eDNA roadmap

The roadmap provides a pathway for integrating eDNA technologies into Australian monitoring programs to manage sustainable use and conservation of the marine environment.

The roadmap describes how eDNA technologies with high technology readiness levels can be integrated into routine monitoring. It also looks ahead to emerging methods that will allow management bodies to anticipate future monitoring scenarios.

Short-term recommendations for marine management:

  • Adopt eDNA technologies in marine parks, leveraging Australia’s strong research capacity in eDNA.
  • Scale eDNA capacity by upskilling staff in eDNA and investing in the transition to eDNA.
  • Standardise eDNA use in marine parks by providing best practice standards and user guides.
  • Calibrate eDNA technologies against traditional monitoring methods
  • Include Traditional Owners, citizen scientists and other stakeholders to deploy eDNA technologies.
  • Embed eDNA monitoring systems at scale across Australia.


Integrating environmental DNA science into Australia’s marine parks: a roadmap PDF (6 MB)

eDNA Roadmap_Flyer PDF (317MB)