A cutting-edge workshop and resources for population genomics

April 4th, 2024

DNA science can provide new ways to measure and understand biological resources, and to support effective environmental management.

CSIRO was a proud supporter of a recent workshop on the advanced analysis of DNA sequence data. The workshop was held at Kialoa on the NSW coast between the 11-15th of March 2024. To make it accessible, it operated in both residential and on-line formats.

The workshop focused on best practice use of the dartR R software package for population genomics, which has been developed by The University of Canberra, Diversity Arrays, and CSIRO plus input from the science community over more than five years. Presented by leaders in the field from more than ten institutions, the workshop covered a very broad spectrum of applications from data quality control to landscape genomics, to kinship, phylogenomics, adaptation, the identification of sex-linked markers, and much more.

We thank all contributors and participants for making the workshop so enjoyable and successful.  

Excitingly, all the materials from the workshop are freely available online, including YouTube clips of lectures, slides, tutorials, and example scripts.