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Our research projects

Environomics Future Science Platform

CSIRO’s Future Science Platforms (FSPs) are an investment in science that underpins innovation and that has the potential to help reinvent and create new industries for Australia. Our Environomics FSP is one of six Future Science Platforms being run by CSIRO. It is a technology platform to see beyond the landscape to its genescape, to reveal and make use of its genetic resources. Our Environomics Future Science Platform is providing the technology to both benefit from and care for biodiversity.

Australia is a mega-diverse country. Our biodiversity is beautiful to behold and immensely valuable. It provides billions of dollars in revenue and jobs, and unique resource for innovation, science and industry.

Storm clouds over spinifex plain near Paraburdoo, Western Australia.
Australia is a mega-diverse country and our biodiversity offers a unique resource for innovation, science and industry.

What is Environomics?

Environomics, short for environmental genomics, is a new CSIRO science program exploring the limits of what is possible at the interface between genomics and environmental science. Environomics is bringing together expertise from across CSIRO and the university sector in molecular biology, ecology, and big data science.

Why is this important?

Hidden within Australia’s biodiversity are genetic resources to enhance crops, new materials for manufacturing and insights into biological processes that can give industries an edge and environmental managers vital insights into how ecosystems work.

For the first time, we can rapidly and inexpensively view and understand the function of entire genomes belonging to wild animals, plants and microbes. Often we can do this for multiple organisms simultaneously and without even seeing or capturing them.

With this new way of observing nature we can:

  • quickly and accurately identify species
  • measure the stresses they experience
  • identify novel functions they perform within ecosystems.

The Environomics Future Science Platform (FSP) will explore these and other emerging applications of genomics to environmental science.

The Environomics FSP leader is Dr Oliver Berry.

Our partners

Our partners include Bioplatforms Australia , Atlas of Living Australia , Integrated Marine Observing System and Centre for Biodiversity Analysis (ANU) , along with international collaboration networks such as 1000 Insects Transcriptomes Project , 10 000 Bird Genomes Project , and the Earth Microbiome Project .

Our research projects