Dr Haylea Miller

Haylea Miller is a Postdoctoral Fellow in CSIRO’s Environomics Future Science Platform. She is a microbiologist/molecular biologist with expertise in fresh water management, biofilms, microbial ecology and brain-eating amoebae.

Her projecteCells: Developing novel ways to estimate animal abundance” will develop an alternative non-invasive methodology to estimate animal abundance based on the capture of whole cells shed by the animals naturally into the water (termed environmental cells or “eCells”), eliminating the need to directly sample and impact the animals. If successful, this method could replace conventional invasive techniques widely used in both biodiversity and fisheries management.

Why choose a career in science?
I’ve always had a love of science, even when I was a child. I was always fascinated by biology and life, particularly on the micro scale. I couldn’t imagine a more interesting and rewarding career. I do something different every day and never get bored.

What is exciting about your project?
It’s never been done before! The concept of eCells is a new area of research and has the potential to revolutionise conservation and harvest management. It’s basically forensics of the ocean.

What other interests do you have?
I’m a gamer and a gourmet wine taster and yes, the two do combine well.

More profile information: https://people.csiro.au/M/H/Haylea-Miller