June 6th, 2018

This page is about our technical research on blockchain. See this page for our reports on how blockchain technology could be used across government and industry in Australia to deliver productivity benefits and drive local innovation.

Contact: Mark Staples (, Shiping Chen (, Xiwei (Sherry) Xu (


Blockchain is an emerging technology for decentralized and transactional data sharing across a large network of untrusted participants. It enables new forms of distributed systems, where participants can find agreements on their shared states without trusting a central authority or any particular participates. Our group is mainly working on three directions, including designing with blockchain, analyzing and improving trustworthy of blockchain, and legal reasoning with Smart contracts on blockchain.

Overview of Block Chain


Research Capabilities

  • Designing with Blockchain
    • Blockchain as a component in system design
    • Impact of using blockchain on the quality attributes of the system
  • Defining and using smart contracts
    • Model-driven smart contract development
    • Declarative smart contracts for faster development, analysis and auditing
    • Visualization
  • Trustworthy Blockchain
    • Empirical studies on popular public blockchains
    • Formal studies
    • Live monitoring
  • Blockchain workloads and generation 


Please refer to the following linked posters for details.

Selected reports


  • Visualization of public Ethereum blockchain
  • Open data registry
  • Business process running on blockchain
  • Macrokey



  • Ethviewer (Beta): A beta release of real time monitoring of the Ethereum Blockchain


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