Architecture and Analytics Platforms

The Architecture and Analytics Platforms team tackles major challenges in software architecture, data analytics, computing infrastructure, DevOps, and dependability. Please refer to the Disciplines below for an overview of our backgrounds. While we work on a wide range of topics, there are three major efforts of R&D in the team: the Business Process Modelling (BPM), the Data Analytics Platform and usage of Blockchain technologies – see the Research Topics section below.


Research Topics

  • Blockchain: Blockchain is an emerging technology for decentralized and transactional data sharing across a large network of untrusted participants. It enables new forms of distributed systems, where participants can find agreements on their shared states without trusting a central authority or any particular participates. Our group is mainly working on three aspects, including designing with blockchain, analyzing and improving trustworthy of blockchain, and legal reasoning with Smart Contracts on blockchain.
  • Data Analytics Platform: Data analytics and machine learning systems are increasingly used in various application areas and achieve many widely noticeable successes. Most of these systems benefit from large scale distributed system for data storage and complex computation. Our data analytics platform research target on both core distributed and parallel system techniques for running these systems on integrated data in a fast and scalable manner, and actual data analytics system development for application domains with challenging data handling problems such as health and scientific computing.
  • Business Process Modelling(BPM)
    • Process-Oriented Dependability (POD): The POD framework aims to improve the dependability of processes through behavioral anomaly detection. The approach relies on creating a process model for each operation and using that model to guide near real-time detection, diagnosis, and recovery from errors in the execution of the process.


The above activities are underpinned by expertise in the following disciplines.

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We also apply empirical software engineering, AI planning, optimization and business value-driven IT management, software process research to our problems.

Contact: Shiping Chen



    • Ethviewer (Beta): A beta release of real time monitoring of the Ethereum Blockchain

    • IOkeeper
    • Lorikeet
    • Macrokey



Researchers/Engineers Students
  • Adnene Guabtni
  • Chen Wang
  • Christopher Klinkmuller
  • Dilum Bandara
  • Hugo O’Connor
  • Qinghua Lu
  • Ralph Holz
  • Sherry Xu
  • Vincent Gramoli
  • Sunny Verma
  • Bin Liu
  • Mojtaba Shahin
  • Ngoc Tran Trung
  • Renlord Yang
  • Shuai Zhang
  • Su Yen Chia
  • Sin Kuang Lo
  • Yu Shuang


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