Pedestrian Surfaces

Testing of conformity to performance requirements such as slip resistance and purpose of a facility as set out in building, consumer protection and OHS legislation. CSIRO tests to Australian, American and European Standards.

CSIRO can provide an analysis of slip and fall incidents, using any of the following methods:

  • A test of the floor material in accordance with applicable standards
  • Characterisation of the frictional properties of the walking surface, footwear or between adjacent walking surfaces; and
  • Assessment of conformity of existing floor material slip resistance, floor/stair construction or handrails with applicable codes and standards.
  • Slip accident investigations and preparation of expert witness reports.
  • Provision of expert comments on test reports, insurance claims and accidents.
  • Slip resistance audits of private buildings and public amenities on a periodic basis, including issues related to access for the disabled and OHS risk assessments.
  • Testing of wet area membranes (AS 4858), ceramic tiles (AS 4459) or water penetration for external facades (ASTM E514).
    Complete tactile ground surface compliance, combining slip resistance with luminance contrast requirements. On-site assessment of background luminance contrast as per AS 1428.
  • Evaluation of pedestrian surfaces, the effect on surfaces of maintenance products, or slip resistant rectification or treatments.
    Risk assessments conducted to meet OHS requirements.
  • Analysis of surface contamination and effectiveness of cleaning regimes.

Test Facilities

NATA accredited laboratory test methods, as follows:

  • Pendulum (in accordance with AS 4586 Appendix A) – a portable instrument used in the laboratory or on site for classifying the wet slip resistance of new flooring materials.
  • Dry floor friction –measurements using a self-propelled transducer called a Tortus. This test is only applicable in dry building zones.
  • Robotic foot – the slip resistance of footwear is accordance with SATRA STM 603 slip tester. As the effects of relative slip speed, pedestrian loading and contaminant types are varied, evaluations are conducted on a case-by-case basis.