Dr Livia Gerber

Livia Gerber is a postdoctoral fellow within CSIRO’s Environomics Future Science Platform. She has a strong background in evolutionary genetics which she complements with extensive expertise in behavioural biology and biological anthropology. Currently, Livia is developing innovative biomarkers that leverage cutting-edge epigenetic techniques to measure critical life history parameter in reptiles.

Livia’s research journey has consistently embraced innovative and multidisciplinary approaches to unravel perplexing phenomena. While pursuing her PhD at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, she studied male dolphins in Western Australia to shed light on human cooperation and friendships. Her current focus, centred on a reptile model, aims to contribute to a deeper understanding of vertebrate ageing. Throughout her diverse work, Livia is driven by a profound desire to unlock the mysteries of life on earth, a pursuit that is inherently linked to the development of tools for wildlife management and conservation.