Transforming shrimp farming in Vietnam with AI tech

December 21st, 2021

Shrimp is one of Vietnam’s most important export agrofood products, with a global market share of 11%. However, a considerable part of the shrimp industry is composed of small and midsize producers, whose competitive standing is based on low price.

A project funded by #Aus4InnovationGraft Vietnam 2021 – picked Jala Tech, an Indonesian start-up, to bring its solutions to shrimp farms across Vietnam. Jala Tech provides a precision data-powered shrimp farm management platform and app that monitors water quality across the production cycle as well as the cost-efficiency of feed products. Farmers enter data directly into the app where they can then gain access to AI-powered analytics to help forecast shrimp harvests and optimise their operations.
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Using sensors to collect data from the ponds, Jala helps calculate analytics for optimised operations.