Policy Exchange

The Policy Exchange activities will focus on collaboration to address emerging challenges in the implementation of Vietnam’s innovation agenda. Policy Exchange activities will be responsive to emerging needs, issues and opportunities of Vietnam’s Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) and the Government of Vietnam.

Policy Exchange 1

CSIRO’s Data61, Australia’s leading digital research organisation and Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) work together to launch the report “Vietnam’s Technological change – The contribution of technology to economic growth”. Funded by Aus4Innovation, this is a substantial study that provides tools that can help measure the impacts of technology adoption and creation on productivity and growth.

Researchers have collected, unified and analysed nearly 20 years’ worth of data to develop two modern economic models to quantify the contribution of technological progress to economic growth. This report is used to help MoST develop the National Science-Technology-Innovation Strategy. It also serves as a tool to make informed decisions in relation to science, technology and innovation policy.

Policy Exchange 2

With support from Aus4Innovation, the University of Queensland worked with Institute for Science, Technology and Innovation (VISTI) to develop an Innovation Centre model in Hanoi that will raise the innovation capacity of Vietnam’s small and medium enterprises (SMEs) by providing information, networks, tech brokering, tech transfer support and more.

Based on best practice and policies from Australia, the innovation center is expected to be a model for other provinces, universities and corporates in the process of building their own innovation centers, creating a haven for the creation, testing and sharing of new ideas.

Policy Exchange 3

Policy Exchange 3 brought together an expert team to advise the Government of Vietnam on the effective inclusion of innovation in the national science and technology strategy development process.

Through the Vietnamese Institute of Science Technology and Innovation (VISTI) this important work responds to the Social Economic Development Strategy 2021-2030 (SEDS 2021-2030) by supplying methodological support and an international best practice review based on expert input from Australia through the Aus4Innovation Program. The analysis provided concrete recommendations on STI indicators and performance targets, priority technology fields, and implementation.