GRAFT Challenge participants showcase next steps for digitisation in ag

January 12th, 2022

Speaking at the GRAFT Challenge Showcase and Industry Roundtable Deputy Head of Mission Mark Tattersall praised the diverse portfolio of tech solutions that the project has introduced to Vietnam.

Congratulations to the nine teams who presented as part of the GRAFT Challenge Vietnam 2021 showcase virtual event on Tuesday 11 January.

The event provided an opportunity for participating companies to present their next steps for digitisation adoption in Vietnam’s agriculture industry.

The GRAFT Challenge is the first tailored acceleration program for the region and brought together nine agribusinesses with innovative solutions. Participating companies come from countries with a well-developed agriculture sector, such as the U.S, Israel or Australia, or neighbouring countries with similar background such as Thailand, Indonesia, or India:

  • AgNext Technologies (India): An AI-driven SaaS platform that digitalizes food quality assessments.
  • Koltiva (Indonesia): Tailored IT solutions and services that improve project management along agriculture supply chains.
  • EveryPig (USA): First-of-its-kind software program for pork combining real-time digital health monitoring, telehealth, and treatment tracking.
  • JalaTech (Indonesia): Precision, data-powered shrimp farm management platform that improves feed efficiency and health outcomes.
  • Hillridge (Australia): Hillridge Technology provides a data-based solution, powered by proprietary algorithms, to digitally calculate and issue parametric microinsurance to smallholder farmers and enable them to recover from the impacts of poor weather.
  • Sufresca (Israel): Bio-based, easy-to-apply edible coatings to extend the shelf-life of fresh products for weeks under ambient conditions.
  • Tepbac (Vietnam): Integrated IoT solutions to improve operational efficiency, water quality control, and traceability in aqua-cultural enterprises.
  • Cropin (India): Decision-making support and traceability tools built to reduce risk and maximize per-unit value, purpose-built for each and every corner of the agriecosystem (seed producers, contract farmers, processors, financial institutions, government, and more).
  • ListenField (Thailand); Patent-backed precision ag tech platform leveraging data analytics to help farmers cut operational costs and improve productivity while reducing carbon footprint.

We look forward to seeing each company’s progress in scaling-up their activities in the dynamic Vietnamese market where there is high potential for ag-tech solutions to thrive.

Aus4Innovation is proud to support the GRAFT Challenge Vietnam 2021. GRAFT is one of several digital innovative solutions across the Aus4Innovation program that is playing a role in supporting Vietnam’s agri-food transformation.

Watch a recording of the showcase event.