Cooling tech enhances value chains for vegetable farmers in Son La

December 20th, 2021


CoolBot is a cooling tech from Australia with low-cost controllers that allow conventional air-conditioning units to be used and achieve temperatures of 5 degree Celsius. This innovative tech can be used by small scaled vegetables and fruits farmers to store their produce for longer shelf lives and longer distance transport to the retailers.
In a project funded by #Aus4Innovation, Fresh Studio and AHR Australia have successfully installed 8 walk-in coolers and 2 refrigerated trucks using CoolBot for farmers in Moc Chau, Son La province. As one of the largest providers of temperate fruits and off-season veggies for Hanoi and neighboring markets, Son La farmers can now reduce postharvest loss in the supply chain, which was common before especially during transport, and gain access to even further markets.
Today, Deputy Head of Mission Mark Tattersall joined the Aus4Innovation team at the closing workshop and field visit of the project in Moc Chau, where he witnessed how CoolBot works and tasted delicious fresh local veggies and fruits. Mark also expressed hopes that the success of the project will open up opportunities for farmers in Vietnam, and further strengthen the Australia-Vietnam partnership in innovation.