Innovation Partnership Grants

Round 4

Round 4 of Innovation Partnership Grants is now open for application. A total funding of AUD 2 million has been set aside for innovative technologies in Vietnam’s agriculture sector. Learn more

Innovation Partnership Grants provide funding to scale already tested activities that address emerging challenges and opportunities in Vietnam’s innovation system and strengthen Vietnam-Australia partnerships. The grants are competitive and are delivered in rounds.

The Aus4Innovation Program aims to fund technologies or activities with:

  • an existing proof of value
  • an articulated market segment or path to impact, and
  • an existing relationship between an Australian and a Vietnamese entity.

Who can apply?

If you’re an Australian entity, collaborating with a partner in Vietnam and you have established existing research that has an anticipated pathway to scale, impact and sustainability, you are eligible to apply.

To be successful, applicants will:

  • build on existing partnerships
  • involve partners who are viable entities
  • meet an innovation need in Vietnam
  • comply with the requirements of Official Development Assistance
  • contribute to the overarching A4I program objective.

Closed Grant Rounds

Learn about the projects that Aus4Innovation has funded, the challenge, solutions and the positive outcomes of their innovation.

Round 1

Selected from 115 applications for a total funding of AUD 1.7 million, these three projects has completed with impressive results.

Round 2

These five projects were the most outstanding among the 82 applications submitted. With funding of more than AUD 2 million, these partnerships were able to scale up their innovative ideas and create long lasting impact.

Round 3

Adapting the most advanced technologies developed and tested in Australia, these projects were selected from nearly 70 applications for a total funding of AUD 1.4 million.