AI Improves quality control for Agricultural and Food production

January 16th, 2022


Quality assessment is a vital step during agricultural and food production but traditional methods can be subjective and slow, and in many cases difficult due to the lack of expertise on site. This creates a ripple effect across the entire value chain leading to recalls, consumption of unsafe food products, unfair wages for farmers and a decline in customer trust.
Brainchild of the Indian tech start-up AgNext, Qualix is an integrated AI-powered platform that undertakes objective quality assessments, analysing food in as little as 30 seconds. With funding from Australia’s #Aus4Innovation program, AgNext is launching Qualix into Vietnam under the GRAFT Challenge Vietnam 2021 program.
AgNext and the GRAFT team have identified Vietnam’s tea, spice, animal feed and meat industries as ideal beneficiaries for AgNext’s end-to-end quality management solutions.
Read more about Qualix and how it brings digital solutions for food quality to Vietnam:
GRAFT is a landing pad program designed to help leading AgriTech entrepreneurs scale up in Vietnam. Read more about the challenge here: