Workspace 6.21.5
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CSIRO Namespace Reference

Top level namespace for all Workspace code. More...


namespace  Application
 Application-level functionality for all workspace applications.
namespace  ApplicationSupport
 Application support plugin for Workspace developers.
namespace  Authentication
namespace  Core
namespace  DataAnalysis
 Fundamental data analysis support.
namespace  DataExecution
 Base workspace functionality not requiring a user interface.
namespace  Distributed
namespace  Hdf5
namespace  HPC
namespace  Mesh
 Mesh model data structures.
namespace  Mongo
namespace  Package
namespace  Presentation
 The graphical user interface layer for the workspace.
namespace  Provenance
namespace  Python
namespace  PythonTestTypes
namespace  Qml
namespace  RemoteExecution
namespace  Rendering
 Rendering of meshed models.
namespace  SceneEditor
namespace  Ssh
namespace  System
namespace  Testing
 Namespace in which all testing code resides.
namespace  Tools
namespace  Ui
namespace  Widgets
 This namespace contains support for widgets attached to workspace data objects.


class  Assert
class  BlockingTask
 Perform a task in a specific thread and wait for the result. More...
class  Clonable
 Base class for clonable objects. More...
class  Profiler
class  SignalDrivenBlockingTask
 Start a task in a specific thread and wait for a task finished signal. More...
class  TemporaryDirectory
 An application-level temporary directory, similar to QTemporaryFile. More...
class  TemporaryDirectoryWithSearchPaths
 TemporaryDirectory subclass with additional support for Qt resource search paths. More...
class  WaitForAnyFutureToFinish
 Wait for a few QFuture and finish as soon as any of them finishes. More...


template<typename Dst , typename Src >
Dst numeric_cast (Src value)
template<typename T >
std::enable_if_t< std::is_convertible< T, bool >::value > validateExpression ()
template<typename T >
std::enable_if_t< std::is_convertible< T, QString >::value > validateString ()


constexpr auto chartTemplateType = "ChartType"
const Application::LogManager::MessageCategory LOG_DEBUG ("Debug", false, "DEBUG: ")
const Application::LogManager::MessageCategory LOG_DEPRECATED ("Deprecated", true, "DEPRECATED: ")
const Application::LogManager::MessageCategory LOG_ERROR ("Error", true, "ERROR: ")
const Application::LogManager::MessageCategory LOG_INFO ("Info", true)
const Application::LogManager::MessageCategory LOG_VERBOSE ("Verbose", false)
const Application::LogManager::MessageCategory LOG_WARNING ("Warning", true, "WARNING: ")

Detailed Description

Widget for setting formatting information.


Client code should not normally put more things in here. Instead, third party clients should create their own uniquely named namespace for their code and use scoping appropriately to use the contents of Workspace header files.

The main namespaces within the top level CSIRO namespace are as follows:

- CSIRO::Application
- CSIRO::DataExecution
- CSIRO::Presentation
- CSIRO::Widgets

There may be others, but those namespaces are generally part of plugins rather than the base Workspace application package.

Function Documentation

◆ numeric_cast()

Dst numeric_cast ( Src  value)

◆ validateExpression()

std::enable_if_t< std::is_convertible< T, bool >::value > validateExpression ( )

Compile-time validation that an expression's type is convertible to bool.

◆ validateString()

std::enable_if_t< std::is_convertible< T, QString >::value > validateString ( )

Compile-time validation that string's type is convertible to QString.

Variable Documentation

◆ chartTemplateType

constexpr auto chartTemplateType = "ChartType"


CSIRO_WORKSPACE_API const Application::LogManager::MessageCategory LOG_DEBUG ( "Debug"  ,
false  ,
"DEBUG: "   


CSIRO_WORKSPACE_API const Application::LogManager::MessageCategory LOG_DEPRECATED ( "Deprecated"  ,
true  ,


CSIRO_WORKSPACE_API const Application::LogManager::MessageCategory LOG_ERROR ( "Error"  ,
true  ,
"ERROR: "   


CSIRO_WORKSPACE_API const Application::LogManager::MessageCategory LOG_INFO ( "Info"  ,


CSIRO_WORKSPACE_API const Application::LogManager::MessageCategory LOG_VERBOSE ( "Verbose"  ,


CSIRO_WORKSPACE_API const Application::LogManager::MessageCategory LOG_WARNING ( "Warning"  ,
true  ,
"WARNING: "