Release Notes

Modifications for Upgrade OPS 4.8.8
* Hydro – Ability to clear imported pore pressure grids
* Hydro – improved interpolation of pore pressure grids
* Hydro – more efficient importation of large pore pressure grids
* BlockModelAnalysis – BUG corrected – bench filter
* BlockModelAnalysis – BackBreak analysis now reports % crest lost
* BlockModelAnalysis – BackBreak analysis export now provides information on bench Ids and removable blocks
* BlockModelAnalysis – BackBreak analysis, standard analysis now enforces minimum joint radius filter for both planes (wedge candidate)
* DFN generator – Domain enforcement improved
* Block Visualiser – BUG corrected where sometimes incorrect blocks being visualised
* Simulation Options – BUG corrected in Enforce Active Depth filter
* Export Traces – Improved cross-section UI
* Export Traces – Trace Parameter figure uses same colour scheme as Analysis Figure
* Export Block Statistics – now includes block radius
* Export Block Statistics – now correctly negative dip convention for upwards removal vectors
* Batch Export – Block geometries (and properties) now supported
* Import Model – Importation of closed surfaces – automated boundary surface assignment for horizontal base facets and vertical side facets

Modifications for Upgrade OPS 4.8.7
1. BUG corrected in orienting user defined geometries (Curved benches)

Modifications for Upgrade OPS 4.8.6
1. MonteCarlo Simulator improved utilisation of multiple cores
2. Active Depth Filter – improved handling of curved pit geometries

Modifications for Upgrade OPS 4.8.5
1. BlockModelAnalysis – BackBreak Analysis supports multiple benches being assessed simultaneously
2. BlockModelAnalysis – BackBreak Analysis supports curved bench geometries
3. BlockModelAnalysis – Fracture statistics analysis runs on multi-core
3. BlockVisualiser – optimised for large complex blocks

Modifications for Major Release OPS 4.8
1. Migration to latest visualisation libraries
2. BlockModelAnalysis supports fracture statistics analysis
3. BlockModelAnalysis – BackBreak Analysis supports more user defined modes

Modifications for Upgrade OPS 4.7.7
1. Isoplethogram algorithm modified for both plane and UG modules
2. BUG corrected with using existing DFN realisations

Modifications for Upgrade OPS 4.7.6
1. BUG corrected with isoplethogram (UG module)
2. BUG corrected with Save Plot Data and Save Raw Data functions
3. Feature: when using existing DFN realisations, original polygons retained unless number of vertices altered
4. Feature: visualisation of isoplethogram excavation surfaces now supported

Modifications for Upgrade OPS 4.6.0
1. BUG corrected with interface when attempting to edit properties of imported surfaces.
2. BUG corrected when importing ‘Section of pit’ as dxf
3. BUG corrected with Analysis Figure if running simulation with no discontinuities.
4. BUG corrected with Bounding Box not being displayed when model geometry is imported.

Modifications for Upgrade OPS 4.5.0
1. Block Visualiser Overbreak/Dilution Information now reports hanging wall area.
2. Block Model Analysis Voussoir Beam analysis tooltip for UCS provides guidance on scaling lab values.
3. Documentation updated to describe all BLock Model Analysis filtering functions and guidance for UG analyses.

Modifications for Upgrade OPS 4.4.0
1. Bolting functionality and visualisation improvements.
2. Bug corrected for hanging wall defintion tool in Block Visualiser.
3. ELOS parameters reported for both hanging wall and total skin in Block Visualiser.
4. Updated Voussoir beam analysis plots for factor of safety (UG module only)

Modifications for Upgrade OPS 4.3.0
1. Block Visualiser allows selection of part of void for ELOS calculations.
2. Specification of bolting capacity and factor of safety.
3. Improved management of bolting data (retained with project)
4. Updated Voussoir beam analysis plot legends (UG module only)
5. AnalysisFigure stereonet supports pole and line displays.
6. Improved efficiency for generation of DFN in domains.
7. Dxf importer now supports polyface mesh entity.

Modifications for Upgrade OPS 4.2.0
1. BUG – fixed Block Model Analysis- Reorder projects
2. Ability to specify histogram data limits when rebinning data
3. Updated Voussoir beam analysis plot for clarity (UG module only)
4. Export Traces function now uses UI tool
5. ELOS calculation provided in Block Visualiser – Overbreak & Dilution information (UG module only)
6. ELOS calcualtion provided in Block Model Analysis – Overbreak & Dilution information (UG module only)
7. Block Visualiser supports unbolting of bolted blocks
8. Block Visualiser supports visualisation of bolts
9. Block Visualiser supports reporting of tensile and shear forces on bolts.
10. Block Visualiser supports UI (mouse) selection of blocks
11. Support for Isoplethogram generation for voids enabled. (UG module only)
12. Support for Hazard density map to be specified consistent with void geometry
13. Ability to creat user defined voids (UG module only)
14. Block Model Analysis allows UI definition of volume of interest
15. Ability to specify which structures (beds/faults/voids) are deleted
16. BUG Wrapped labelling for isoplethogram corrected.
17. BUG Enlarging isoplethogram subplots now handles colorbars correctly.

Modifications for Major Release OPS 4.1.0
1. Improved labelling of OC & UG menus
2. Adjusted cancelling control for Cycle Blocks tool
3. BUG – fixed Exploded view function in Block Visualiser
4. Disabled irrelevant functions in Block Model Analysis (UG module only)
5. Corrected documentation example for Voussoir beam analysis
6. Enabled specification of maximum span in Voussoir beam analysis (UG module only)
7. Enabled user defined plotting of line graphs
8. Increased decimenal places shown in Block Selector window
9. Updated functionality in Voussoir beam analysis (UG module only)
10. Processing of voids upon imported updated to deal with degenerate geometries.

Modifications for OPS 4.0.9
1. Improved checking for invalid data on polygon importation
2. BUG – fixed termination precedence GUI
3. BUG – DLL for DXF library now being distributed
4. Improved management of parallel processing
5. Ability to adjust colour map on fracture intensity image
6. Exporting of 3D cross-sections from Export Traces tool

Modifications for Major Release OPS 4.0.8
1. Isoplethogram analysis parallelised
2. Block shape analysis parallelised
3. BUG fixed for double labelling of contour plots
4. Licensing updated to support plugin modules
5. BUG fixed regarding error log not being updated
6. OPS splashscreen generated on startup
7. Importing tool for discontinuities now checks more thoroughly for invalid data
8. BUG Progress bar now correctly updates during face abd block detection
9. Block Visualiser optimised
10. Dilution functionality added (UG module only)
11. Block detection updated to support UG module
12. Model editor now supports UG void definition (UG module only)
13. Voussoir beam analysis functionality (UG module only)
14. BUG fixed with information displayed when adding new projects to block model analysis
15. OPS now exclusively uses on-line documentation

Modifications for OPS 4.0.7
1. Visualisation of DFN in Analysis Figure improved
2. Visualisation of traces in Trace Parameter Figure improved
3. Added Fracture intensity P21 map to Export Traces tool

Modifications for OPS 4.0.5
1. BUG in block detection corrected

Modifications for OPS 4.0.5
1. Batch export of DFN geometries now requests rotations in degrees
2. BUG with missing contour labels in isoplethogram/hazard density corrected
3. BUG with import/defining DFN geometry falsely detecting repeated data corrected
4. Block detection algorithm optimised
5. Visualisation of voids optimised

Modifications for OPS 4.0.4
1. Face detection algorithm optimised
2. P32 statistics can be exported for DFN
3. BUG with Export Trace function for full exposure corrected
4. New support for circular mapping windows in Export Traces tool

Modifications for OPS 4.0.3
1. File-Save-Export uimenus collated
2. Range for Factor of safety plot in Block Model Analysis now limited by user

Modifications for OPS 4.0.2
1. Ability to exclude bound faces from polyhedral modeller
2. Ability to generate percentile plots from histograms

Modifications for OPS 4.0.1
1. Batch functions now accessed via File-Batch
2. Improved memory management for DFN generator
3. Ability to apply rotations to exported DFN geometries

Modifications for Limited release : OPS 4.0 alpha 64-bit
1. Code optimised – now runs significantly faster for large DFN
2. New functionality to set precedence for joint set terminations
3. New functionality to terminatre joint sets against domain boundaries
4. New functionality to support folded joint sets
5. New functionality to perform a quasi stochastic analysis based on deterministic structures
6. Add ability to Toggle Structures to BlockVis window
7. BUG fix – crash seen in beta version during some simulations now addressed.
8. Bug fix – DFN generator checks if specified spacing much larger than bounding volume dimensions (an unusal scenario)
9. BUG fix – use existing stochastic jnts being set as default in opsMain – now set to none
10. BUG fix – edited joint parameters not saved
11. Export of intersection segments now faster and option of including/excluding bounding volume provided.
12. AnalysisFigure – edges invisible in DFN by default to improve graphics
13. Shifted all batch functions in uimenu to File-Batch
14. File-Save-Batch-Export DFNs option – also provide rotate and offset capabilities

Modifications for Minor Release 3.6
1. Export Intersection Segements optimised.
2. Analysis Figure DFN visualisation improved.

Modifications for Minor Release 3.5
1. JointStats file now exported with updated header.
2. Ability to edit multiple line plot labels.
3. Ability to update font size of contour labels.

Modifications for Minor Release 3.4 – Released Sept 2013
1. BUG fixed for updating of progress bar
2. Improved calculation of block centroids.
3. Ability to reverse direction of plot axes.
4. Ability to specify angles wrapping around dip direction of 360 for excavation Isoplethogram.

Modifications for Minor Release 3.3 – Released Aug 2013
1. Improved contour algorithm for isoplethogram
2. Added user-specified anchor option for isoplethogram
3. Minor change to classification of exposed block in isoplethogram.

Modifications for Minor Release 3.2
1. More options to anchor Isoplethogram excavatiuon planes.
2. Control of contouring and labelling for isoplethograms.
3. More accurate (less conservative) handling of upthrust/pore pressures for stability analysis
4. Block information window launched from Block Visualiser shows FOS to 2 decimal places
5. Added ‘Display’ menu to several figures for added functionality.
6. Main figure plots realised joints more efficiently.

Modifications for Minor Release 3.1 – Released May 2013
1. BUG – Fixed initialisation error for model creation
2. BUG – Fixed hazard density map handling for projects with no blocks
3. BUG – Fixed memory leak for face detection for large projects
4. BUG – Fixed export of DIPS format data
5. Ability to export DFN data as generic format (e.g. 3DEC)
6. BUG – Fixed Block Model Analysis handling of reordered projects
7. BUG – Fixed handling of default section size for export of DFN traces
8. BUG – Fixed option to truncate DFN against bounding volume

Modifications for Release 3.0 beta – Released Dec 2012
1. Progressive failure analysis modified (see docs)
2. Ability to interrogate iterations of progressive failure analysis in Block Visualiser.
3. BUG with Fisher distribution orientations corrected.
4. Block Model Analysis now allows hazard density map to be generated.
5. Bench retention function in Block Model Analysis modified (see docs).
6. Ability to toggle blocks daylighting on voids with Block Visualiser.

Modifications for Minor Release 2.9
1. 64-bit version now available.
2. New dongle-free licensing system.
3. Block Shapes function in Block Model Analysis window modified for efficiency.
4. More efficient rendering of polygons in Block Visualiser and Analysis Figure.
5. Ability to edit the size of the Bounding box used by the DFN generator.
6. More efficient vertex detection for DFNs with many small joints.

Modifications for Minor Release 2.1.5 – Released June 2012
1. Simple checking for repeating structures performed on polygon importation.
2. BUG addressed for editing deterministic joint properties.
3. Hazard map generation optimised.
4. Ability to export blocks from Block Visualiser.
5. Structure toggling support expanded.
6. Ability to toggle edges on model in main display.
7. Ability to set default rock density via Options menu.
8. Mass for each block now reported in Block Visualiser.

Modifications for 2.1.4
1. BUG corrected for block domain calculation.
2. BUG corrected when initialising Block Model Analysis window.
3. Display of surface data improved.
4. Ability to filter blocks based on spatial domain in Block Model Analysis.
5. Ability to overlay a surface on Hazard Map.
6. Default save file name now the current project name.
7. BUG corrected for undo functionality on model parameters.
8. Set spacings histograms now display values according to ISRM calculation.
9. BUG corrected regarding perpetual hourglass when initialising Block Model Analysis window.
10. Stochastic studies of surface properties for single DFN now supported.
11. View menu now supports ‘perpendicular to strike’ option.
12. Ability to toggle display of different structure types (e.g. voids) now supported.
13. Ability to set Z limits on axes now supported.
14. Ability to export factors of safety with spatial data from hazard map.
15. BUG corrected for exporting traces for drill cores.
16. BUG corrected for size of sampling window using when exporting traces.

Modifications for Minor Release 2.1.3 – Released Feb 2012
1. BUG corrected problem when trying to add project to a block model analysis.
2. BUG corrected intermittent missing display of joint orientations in Analysis window.
3. BUG corrected size calculation of blocks now always uses maximum vertex seperation.
4. Block Shape Analysis now excludes blocks bound to non-release surfaces from alpha and beta calculations.
5. Face detection algorthm improved to handle more degenerate geometries.
6. Robustness of intra-block fracture detection algorithm improved.

Modifications for 2.1.2
1. Block Model Analysis now reports several Block Shapes indices.
2. Block MOdel Analysis allows exporting of raw data for certain analyses.
3. BUG corrected in Probe Surface Analaysis.
4. BUG corrected in Save Plot Data facility.

Modifications for 2.1.1
1. BUG when entering joint data addressed.
2. Ability to export blocks as either fully triangulated or polygon defined dxf files.

Modifications for Minor Release 2.1 – Released Oct 2011
1. No changes other than those listed for previous versions.

Modifications for 2.0.9 Beta
1. Axis manipulation menu added to trace visualisation figures.
2. Ability to rerun multiple LE analyses for current DFN/Block Model using random surface proprties.
3. BUG introduced in 2.0.8 regarding importation of joint polygons addressed.
4. BUG regarding visualisation of bench retention data corrected.

Modifications for 2.0.8 Beta
1. Ability to toggle overlay surface in Block Visualiser window.
2. BUG corrected with concatenation of data in Block Model Analysis window.
3. BUG corrected with Block Model Analysis Block Volume & Shape functions for sparse data.
4. BUG corrected with Dips file importation.
5. Confidence curves for cumulative frequency plots now use percentile method.
6. Ability to increase size of imported joints by percentage of original.
7. BUG corrected with DFN generator for joint generation in domains.
8. OPS now remembers preferences for stochastic joint representation.
9. Stereonet view for Trace Parameter Figure enabled.

Modifications for 2.0.7 Beta
1. Block Model Analysis histograms show confidence curves.
2. Ability to reorder projects in Block Model Analysis.
3. Block size and shape can be interrogated via Block Model Analysis.
4. DFN generator now supports random (Fisher K << 1) orientations.
5. Option to show stereonet in Analysis Figure.
6. Ability to set persistence of imported joint polygons.
7. Memory usage for Block Model Analysis reduced.
8. Limit Equilibrium analyses for projects with domains faster.
9. Ability to add projects to an existing Block Model Analysis.

Modifications for 2.0.6 Beta
1. Normal and uniform distributions supported for joint radii.
2. Uniform distributions supported for joint spacings.
3. Ability to hide axes in figures.

Modifications for Minor Release 2.0.5 Beta – Released May 2011
1. Bug regarding orientation of Bounding Box corrected.
2. Checking for updates silent unless patch present.

Modifications for 2.0.4 Beta
1. Bug with model editing with surface overlay corrected.
2. Block Model Analysis filter now allows culling of selected project data.
3. File-load-batch stores directory as project directory.
4. Histogram statistics now reports median values.
5. Support for more polygon representations of joints.
6. BUG regarding loading multiple files addressed.
7. Termination of batch run of LE analyses supported.
8. Checks for updated version of OPS upon instantiation.

Modifications for 2.0.3 Beta
1. Usage of standard deviation is spacing value changed – now applied to both normal and banded models.

Modifications for 2.0.2 Beta
1. Surface overlay updates project directory.
2. Bug regarding DFN generation of spaced data in highly rectangular volumes corrected.

Modifications for Major Release 2.0.1 Beta – Released April 2011
1. DFN generation accommodates both Fisher and normal joint orientation distributions.
2. DFN generation accommodates multiple joint spacing distributions utilising new ‘zone’ parameter.
3. DFN generation now allows generation of single joints per spacing band.
4. Spacing bands now initialised using random number generation.
5. Simplified discontinuity parameter read/write formats.
6. Volume sampling added as a third sampling mode for discontinuities.
7. Analysis Figure updated to display more DFN properties.
8. Bugs addressed in DFN generation.
9. Ability to export discontinuities in Dips format.
10. More efficient handling of geotechnical domains.
11. More efficient handling of imported surfaces and voids.
12. Importation of joint statistics from Sirovision (or similar) now accommodates trace lengths.
13. Algorithm optimised and polygon truncation stage now removed.
14. Face detection stage accommodates more aggressive geometries.
15. Trace generation now possible for 3d exposures and drill holes.
16. Ability to interrogate trace set parameters (lengths, spacings and oreintations)
17. Ability to clone bench geoemetry during model creation.
18. Backbreak analysis figure allows plot modification.
19. Ability to edit properties associated with imported surfaces.
20. Bug corrected regarding calculation of water pressures in LE analysis.
21. Kinematic analysis algorithm optimised and now handles arbitrary geometries.
22. Kinematic analysis algorithm now accommodates free-falling (overhanging) blocks.
23. Ability to specify up-dip static forces.
24. Ability to import Sirovision data (or similar) representing deterministic joints.
25. Ability to condition stochastic joint generation to respect presence of deterministic joints.
26. Ability to specify bounding volume of the simulation as a closed (manifold) surface.
27. Bug with Isoplethogram colorbar addressed.
28. Ability to export data from histograms.
29. Bench retention analysis now reports both total and maximum values.
30. Bug regarding defintion of bounding box for curved geometries corrected.
31. 3D visualisation capabilities improved.
32. Saved OPS project files now compressed more efficiently.
33. Pseudo slope deformation tool added to Block Model Analysis functionality.
35. Block Model Analysis can now be saved to file.
36. Bug addressed in Pushback Analysis tool.
37. Bench Retention Tool now accommodates sliding out of wall prior to parabolic freefall of blocks.
38. Failure Modes histogram now shows data for all removable blocks.
39. Bug corrected regarding usage of randomly modified phi and coh for Monte Carlo simulations.
40. Manual upgraded to contain more detailed explanations of key concepts.

Modifications for Patch Release 1.3.7 – Released Dec 2009
1. Blocks embedded entirely in rock mass now excluded from LE Analysis.
2. Bug regarding DFN generation of exponential spacings addressed.
3. Block Visualiser optimised to only show unstable blocks.
4. Bug regarding application of joint size filter addressed.
5. Ability to adjust spacings in an existing DFN.
6. Ability to import dxf triangulation in original form.
7. Ability to generate an ‘exploded view’ in Block Visualiser.
8. Ability to view a ‘triangulation-free’ representation in Block Visualiser.
9. Example sensitivity analysis included in documentation.
10. Handling of persistence specified for beds/faults improved.
11. Ability to export tetrahedral representations of blocks.
12. Analysis Figure uses consistent colouring scheme.
13. Ability to convert imported surfaces into planar polygons for computational efficiency.
14. BUG regarding surface area calculations addressed.
15. BUG regarding Removal Plane plot in Block Model Analysis tool addressed.

Modifications for Patch Release 1.3.6 – Released 17 Jun 2009
1. Bug regarding DFN generation of tiny joints addressed.
2. Title for spacings field in Joint Statistics editor added.
3. Bug regarding function Edit-Joints-Edit Deterministic Joints addressed.
4. DFN generator uses more optimised code to generate spaced joint sets.
5. Bug regarding cancelling out of a batch sim using simulation mode ‘Calculate Discontinuities Only’ addressed.
6. Bug regarding DFN generator prediction of (unspecified) number of traces corrected.

Modifications for Release 1.3.5 – Released 4 Mar 2009
1. Option window to be displayed
2. Bug regarding importation of pit shells addressed.
3. Cross section exportation bug addressed.
4. Bug regarding failed extrapolation of beds/faults through bounding volume addressed.
5. Ability to change number of bins in block model analysis histograms.
6. Ability to filter data based on FOS, block volume etc for analysis.
7. Ability to write out block statistics from block model analysis for multiple projects.
8. Ability to import joint set parameters from Sirovision.
9. Overlay surface not deleted upon creation/editing of model.
10. Model view now remains unchanged upon loading/editing of model.
11. Bug addressed regarding usage of both lower and upper limits for joint size filter.
12. More intuitive cumulative frequency plots presented for block volumes, back break and probe surface analyses.
13. Ability to set plot axis limits.
14. Volume isoplethogram.
15. Bug addressed regarding failed back break analyses.
16. Ability to overlay structures on hazard map.
17. DFN generator more flexible and supports scanline, area mapping and more distributions.

Modifications for Release OPS1.2 – Released 13 Oct 2008
1. Support for importation of pore pressure data from 3rd party software
2. Block Model Analysis now allows generation of block number histogram.
3. Batch mode to avoid generation of Block Visualiser
4. Correct handling of bounding volumes defined as extremely thin slabs.
5. More efficient PushBack and Isoplethogram facilities
6. Bench retention algorithm now deals correctly with blocks on lowest bench (esp 2bench projects)
7. Loading of OPS bed and fault parameter files no longer prompts user for editing
8. Toggle Fractures facility now handles case of no fractures present.
9. Importing DIPS data now correctly handled as randomly spaced, individual joint polygons.
10. View Strike facility now correctly handles strikes less than 180 degrees
11. New Project facility correctly clears discontinuity data from previous project.
12. New functionality to rerun projects using alternate pit geometry
13. Cancelling out of editing an axis label functions correctly.
14. More hyperlinks added to documentation for faster navigation.

Modifications for Release OPS1.1 – Released 22 May 2008
1. Bench retention algorithm fails to ‘catch’ some blocks
2. Isoplethogram anchor points should be mid-point of top crest or mid-point of bottom toe.
3. Isoplethogram resolution in dip and dd to be set independently.
4. Block Visualiser incorrectly hiding / toggling some (mainly toppling) blocks
5. Ability to change plot axes from linear to log?
6. Removal plane plot shows normal poles rather than dip vector
7. FOS values shown for incorrect failure modes.
8. Ability to edit plot titles and axis labels.
9. Incorporate swell factor in the bench retention data
10. Incorporate variation of other joint parms in the ‘Use existing joints’ feature – e.g. dip & dipdir
11. Introduction of static force (seismic) to be possible.
12. Ability to rerun LE analysis for multiple projects?
13. Independent standard deviations for phi and cohesion
14. Failure mechanism to be displayed in “Block Information”.
15. Block Model Analysis fails to handle projects which have missing data (e.g. if the 5th project out of 10 has no block data, the requested process just fails).
16. Block Model analysis reports STD = 0 for block volumes – also mean BV incorrect.
17. Back break calculations (both ubiquitous and not) incorrectly report effective face angle assuming the bench face is vertical
18. Back break calculations include removable blocks above the selected bench. This is unintuitive.
19. Water pressure calculation neglects atmospheric pressure component.
20. Updated Manual with more theory section and references.
21. Comment delimiter for cross-section files created using 4-column formatting now ‘*’
22. Cleaner formatting of data for 4-column cross-section files.
23. ‘Run multiple projects’ now accessed via File-Load-Batch
24. Suffix specification now requested for item 23.
25. Pushback analysis fails to correctly report number of removable blocks.

OPS1.0 – Released 7 March 2008