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Explore CSIRO’s past and present climate adaptation research

This website provides access to work on adaptation to climate change, and to long-term change more generally, that CSIRO has undertaken over the past decade. This is mostly past work and reports, along with some present work. It includes many reports from the previous Climate Adaptation Flagship (2007–2014).

Search our work and resources by selecting from an adaptation concept area below.

Current CSIRO research

Some key current CSIRO links that are relevant to climate adaptation research include:

Current CSIRO climate and climate adaptation work and links from here

Climate change in Australia website (main source for climate data and a partial adaptation portal)

Evaluating Adaptation Pathways current research site

Adaptation for NRM Groups website

The CSIRO News and ECOS blogs contain stories about climate adaptation and research.

More information

For more information please contact Dr Mark Stafford Smith.