Adaptation themes

CSIRO’s research on adaptation to climate change and long-term change more generally can be divided into some general themes/topics.

AdaptationPathways_thumbAdaptation concepts
Adaptation research has moved towards shifting the focus from understanding the problems to finding solutions. Adaptation is framed as risk management and an economic and social challenge, rather than just an environmental problem.


Agriculture_thumbAgriculture and mining
Primary industries – agriculture, fisheries, forestry and mining industries – are some of the most sensitive sectors to climate risk. CSIRO has been working with primary industries, enterprises and communities to adapt to climate change through practical strategies.


Disaster-Response_thumbDisaster resilience and extremes
The frequency of extreme weather events such as severe temperatures, torrential rainfall, large hail, strong wind gusts and fire are likely to increase over coming decades due to population increase, property development and climate change. CSIRO is working to help Australia better prepare for these events.


Biodiversity_thumbManaging ecosystems and biodiversity – land and sea
Australia’s natural species and ecosystems are highly vulnerable to climate change and will have difficulty adapting to the rate and extent of projected changes. CSIRO has been working to find effective adaptation responses to help manage and conserve our ecosystems.


Built environment and cities
Climate change threatens the cities and fast urbanising coasts where most of the world’s population lives. CSIRO has a strong track record in delivering scientific solutions to urban sustainability challenges.


clusters_thumbMajor collaborations – Clusters
CSIRO has been a partner in a number of research cluster initiatives that brought together diverse research capabilities from a wide range of organisations. The Clusters have tackled climate change problems in different regions such as Queensland and coastal areas along with topics such as health and extreme events.


CSIRO’s international climate adaptation work delivers research impact and contributes to development outcomes (such as increasing food and nutrition security, reducing poverty and environmental sustainability).