Aus4Innovation supporting Viet Nam’s science-driven development goals

June 2nd, 2021

The Commercialisation PLUS How-to Guide – a collaboration between Australian and Vietnamese researchers and commercialisation experts – has been released online.

The How-to Guide is the first practical guide for Vietnamese researchers on how to launch their research into use in an inclusive way. It was co-developed and tested with Vietnamese researchers taking their own research to market.

Mr Pham Duc Nghiem, Deputy Head of Viet Nam’s National Agency for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialisation Development, explains how this collaboration supports the Ministry of Science and Technology’s drive for science-driven development.

“In the past, we have implemented different commercialisation programs in association with both international and local partners. However, the commercialisation of research results is still very new in Viet Nam. So we need to learn, implement and refine all at the same time,” he said.

“This collaboration with our Australian partners has been a methodical and professional approach that uses both theory and practice to develop a supportive program for science commercialisation support, which is relevant to the Vietnamese context while aligning with international standards.”

The How-to Guide includes a set of practical tools and resources based on global good practice, as well as legal and regulatory information for Vietnam. An online version will guide researchers through the process, with advice on where to find relevant information and expertise.

“This is the first time we have a comprehensive guide that helps researchers analyse and position our research products in the market, and evaluate the legal requirements and understand and progress the commercialisation readiness,” Mr Nghiem said.

“It is a detailed step-by-step process covering the analysis of the technical and financial aspects commercialising research results, including managing stakeholder relationships, and solving technical problems to ensure production and use in the real world.“

The Commercialisation PLUS approach is about researchers and industry working together to take a technology solution to market and into use. It explicitly incorporates aspects of sustainability and inclusivity alongside commercial success.

“We hope that this guide helps Vietnamese researchers analyse and evaluate markets to choose the most impactful commercialisation pathways for research results. It will help Vietnamese researchers fulfil their aspirations to bring values, knowledge and research results into practice, bringing great value to the people, business community, and in particular to the researchers themselves.”

Hear the commercialisation journey of researchers from Can Tho University, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology and Vietnam National University of Technology.

Explore Commercialisation PLUS online, in Vietnamese and English.