Zee: Hexapod robot for remote inspection

March 11th, 2017

At CSIRO, we have been developing legged robot technology for a number of years to address challenges faced in inspecting remote, hazardous and confined environments. These robots are being designed to access environments typically inaccessible by traditional wheeled and tracked robots to perform inspection tasks while carrying customised inspection payloads. These include cameras and scanning Lidars that generate 3D point clouds in real-time.  Zee is a prototype hexapod robot equipped with a streaming camera sensor and a real-time 3D scanning Lidar. This robot can be operated with a standard tablet or smartphone. For more information, please contact Navinda Kottege.

Zee with streaming wide angle camera and real-time 3D scanning Lidar


Zee in an outdoor environment


Zee inspecting a hazardous chemical container


Zee in the Mars Yard at the Power house museum, Sydney