Wireless tracking with WASP

December 6th, 2016

We’ve developed wireless tracking technology that can operate indoors, underground and in built-up areas.


Wireless tracking in difficult environments

Locating and tracking people and objects is needed in many situations in order to increase safety and efficiency.

Traditional technologies such as GPS and WiFi tracking do not work well, or even at all, in many situations, such as underground, in open cut mines, city CBDs, indoors or disaster zones where existing infrastructure has been destroyed.


Introducing WASP

Through substantial research and development in wireless localisation technology, we have developed the Wireless Ad hoc System for Positioning (WASP) which uses low cost, portable hardware to provide highly accurate tracking of people and objects where traditional technologies do not work and clear reception of radio signals is difficult.

WASP features anchor nodes at known locations around the area being monitored communicating wirelessly with a small mobile tag attached to the object(s) being tracked. It is a highly flexible platform that can be tailored to a wide range of challenging environments and demanding applications.

Dr Mark Hedley and Dr Jay Guo show off WASP.

Dr Mark Hedley and Dr Jay Guo show off WASP.

We have developed and trialled our technology in three main application areas:

  • sport: tracking elite athletes for improved training
  • mining: tracking staff and vehicles in mines for improved safety and production monitoring
  • emergency management: tracking and monitoring fire fighters for improved incident response.