August 18th, 2015

The I3Hub is an initiative to create an independent, not-for-profit network of I3 (Industrial Internet Innovation) Hubs. Its vision is for Australia to become a leading market and supplier of Industrial Internet Technology – where Australian companies will participate in global inter-company value chains and networks, and vertical integration of flexible and agile (manufacturing) systems. It will also hoped that this will facilitate digital end-to-end engineering across the entire value chain (see iManufacturing White Paper). Its mission is to inspire and transform Australian businesses, which will create a Connected Innovation Marketplace (CIM) where our customers and partners will collaborate and experience what is possible today and the potential futures associated with the industrial internet.

The i3Hub (Industrial Internet Innovation Hub) is an initiative to:

  • To create a Connected Innovation Marketplace around the Industrial Internet and Industry4.0
  • That will lead to a strong and diverse Australian Industrial Ecosystem that is Sustainable and Competitive.
  • Through the provision of a suite of Innovation Services and Technologies (see Guardian)

The i3Hub network is based upon three activities:

  • Think – Capability Discovery, Social / Business Networking, Education / Engagement
  • Play – Access to Facilities / Training,  Demonstration / Experience, Immersion
  • Do – Collaboration / Colocation, Open Innovation / Incubation, Venture Capital


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