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Seeking Value in Uncertainty

RiskLab at CSIRO’s Data61  provides the avenue for industry to engage directly with the extended network of technologists  and academia to come up with innovative solutions and tools in quantitative risk and decisions-under uncertainty.

Risk Lab at CSIRO’s Data61 is affiliated with the Risk Lab global network as the Risk Lab node in Australia.  Risk Lab at Data61/CSIRO is a multi-disciplinary R&D centre for developing the latest methodologies and technologies in actuarial sciences, econometrics, applied math and statistics as well as financial mathematics.


Interactive Optimal Decisions in Asset Management:

Risk Lab focuses on delivering innovative solutions and services in quantitative risk and optimal decisions under uncertainty for finance, insurance, mining, agriculture and cyber security. Please see one of our interactive demos by clicking on the below image (Google Chrome or Firefox required). The scenarios for portfolio allocation are for demo purpose only, and are not to be taken as advice.


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