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Our Team

RiskLab at Data61 has a multi-disciplinary team:

Dr Zili Zhu (B.Sci., M.Eng, PhD), Director of RiskLab

Dr Geoff Lee (B.Sci, PhD), Research Scientist

Dr Nicolas Langrene ( M.Eng, M.Sci, PhD), Research Scientist

Mr Thomas Lo (B.Sci, M.Sci), Senior Software Engineer

Mr Bowie Owens (B.Eng), Senior Software Engineer

Dr Monica Chen (B.Sci., PhD) Post-doctoral Fellow

Dr Simon Fung (B.Sci., PhD) Post-doctoral Fellow

Dr Alec Stephenson (B.Sci., M.Sci. PhD), Senior Data Scientist

Dr David Alexandra (B.Inf.Sc., PhD),  Research Scientist

Dr Carolyn Huston (B.Sc. PhD), Research Scientist

Dr Peter Toscas (B.Sci., PhD), Group Leader for Optimisation and Risk Analytics

Dr Ross Sparks (B.Sci., PhD), Team Leader of Real-Time Modelling and Monitoring

Mr Henry Zhang (B.Sci.) PhD student

Dr Heyang Li (Thomas) (B.Sci., PhD), Research Fellow

Mr Mark Bentley (B.Sc.), PhD Intern.