CSIRO-MONASH Superannuation Research Cluster

The CSIRO-Monash Superannuation Research Cluster (the Cluster) is a collaboration between Australia’s CSIRO and four universities: Monash University; University of Western Australia; Griffith University; and the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom.

Aimed at addressing the two key themes of ‘Superannuation and the economy’, and ‘Australians over 60’, the $9m Superannuation Research Cluster Program has been built around a $3m Flagship Cluster Fund grant from CSIRO, and $3m in in-kind research contributions from the university partners led by Monash University. A further $3m in funding has been provided by leading industry stakeholders and research partners ANZ, BT, Cbus, Colonial First State, Challenger, Mercer, AMP Capital and Vanguard Investments.

By the completion of the Cluster in March 2017, researchers will have produced around 45 working papers addressing the two superannuation themes indicated above. This body of research will deliver long-term benefits to retirees, the superannuation industry, policy makers and the Australian economy as a whole.

The Superannuation cluster report attached here provides further information while also outlining the findings from the following cluster projects, CSIRO-Monash Super Research Cluster 2013-2017 Combined

  • Infrastructure Investment and Superannuation (Cluster Project 1)
  • Short- and Long-term Member Behaviour (Cluster Project 3)
  • Fund Indexing, Style and Hedge Funds (Cluster Project 4)
  • Superannuation and the Economy: Tracking Systemic Impacts (Cluster Project 6)
  • Modelling Retirement Outcomes for All Australians (Cluster Project 7)
  • Comparative European Perspectives (Cluster Project 8)
  • Post-Retirement Wealth and its Effect on Health and Well-Being (Cluster Project 9)
  • Labour Market Policy and Flexibility for Older Workers (Cluster Project 10)
  • Retirement Incomes Needs (Cluster Project 11)